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    Post 7/12 Utara online information

    Dear Friends, Please help me & give information in following matters --

    1) We have lost Kharedi Khat / Purchase agreement & other important documents of Agriculture Land owned by our father in village located in malegaon, Nasik. We only have Shet-sara / Tax Receipt yearly paid to Govt.
    Can anybody guide what is to be done in this case if we want to sell this land.

    2) Where do we get our land information at which govt. office ?

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    Default Re: 7/12 Utara online information

    Hi Rabindra,
    Welcome to RTI India Portal.
    Locate the nearest Revenue office ( Tahasil/ Taluk etc.) under whose jurisdiction the concerned agriculture land falls.
    Ask the PIO of that office under RTI Act the information like
    1. Details of land in the name of your father as per record
    2. Procedure to obtain duplicate copies of land records.
    3. present status of the land with ref to the revenue tax receipt.

    Pl read the links on Home Page under the icon "All About RTI" to know how to write & submit Application as per Mahrashtra RTI Rules - RTI Guide

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    Default Re: 7/12 Utara online information

    Try the online site - but it is not official, and does not always work.

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    Dear sir,
    I have servey no. But unable to get 7/12.
    Can u please guide me how do I get it
    The land is in Kharvai (badlapur)..

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    Default Re: required 7/12

    This portal is only meant for discussing issues related to the RTI Act.
    You can try Big Helpers

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    You can file a RTI application to seek a certified photocopy of the required land records with the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the concerned City Survey Office.

    Kindly click on the following link to download Maharashtra RTI forms:

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