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Thread: RTI filed against whom ?

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    RTI filed against whom ?

    Many times on this forum I come across expressions like....
    Can I file a RTI against so and so?

    Actually, we must need to understand that RTI is not at all against any one individual. Its only most noble purpose is to bring transparency in the working of Governments. It inself is a beautiful Act, we know.

    However, when we use such words like RTi Against so and so --- it is not a pleasant expression.
    Do we think that using soft expressions like submitting an application for information under RTI Act would make us sound weak, meek, ignorant? No, not at all, i think.

    The bottom line is that even if we are asking something in a gentle way, we will be getting the same inforamtion that we will be getting by "hard words" like against etc. And using such soft language in no way affects our avenues for going in for ist appeal or appeal to the CIC. Do they? --No way. Rather, i have seen the humbler we are, better it is. Afterall, we want to get only some inforamtion using this Act and it is neither an Arbitration set-up nor a grievance redressal machinery.

    PS... Even though not a grievance redressal, we can still use it for it by just playing with words and by very thoughtfully framing our questions that replies to those queries in a way try to redresses our grievance.

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    Re: RTI filed against whom ?


    Couldn't have said it better.
    What you state is indeed a misconception carried by many citizens.
    It is our combined duty, as those who are aware about the RTI Act, to clear these misconceptions.
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