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Thread: Deparmental Enquiry-State Bank of India

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    Deparmental Enquiry-State Bank of India

    Can a department refuse to provide investigation report under RTI where asid does not hamper the enquiry proceedings. I want this because the charge sheet served is fabricated, the investigating officer was biased one.
    2. I was suspended on the charge of fraud, but they have even not mentioned the word fraud in charge sheet. What is the remedy available to me against the Bank for mental harassment & defame.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Deparmental Enquiry-State Bank of India

    Refer to some of the threads in the following search (there are 7 or 8 pages):

    departmental investigation - Google Search
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  3. Re: Deparmental Enquiry-State Bank of India

    You are entitled to get all the papers pertaining to investigation/enquiry etc under RTI and also under service rules of banks. You can also suck through RTI any other information/papers which will help you prove your side. Following links will help you file RTI application:

    Central Govt application:

    Make effective:

    You can lodge RTI application with any branch as all branch heads of SBI are nominated as ACPIO by bank and pay Rs.10 in cash as filing fee. Please suitably change clause No. 4 in first link to read as: " Filing fee of Rs.10 is paid in cash herewith"
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    Re: Deparmental Enquiry-State Bank of India

    But yesterday the Ist appellate authority means RBO has again declined that departmental inquiry is under process & the passing of information will impede the inquiry proceedings & it is against natural justice, whereas the investigation report of the investigating officers is very much necessary for my defence
    J S Sangwan

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    Surendera M. Bhanot
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    Re: Deparmental Enquiry-State Bank of India

    Section 8(h) says:

    information which would impede the process of investigation or apprehension or prosecution of offenders;
    Now it has three parts :

    01. impede the process of investigation
    02. or apprehension
    03. or prosecution

    of offenders;

    Here the these three situations are related to a single person, that is "Offender"

    Is in a departmental inquiry the person facing the heat is an "Offender"?

    Offender is a wrong world used in this sub-section. Offense is a certain state of an act. Inquiry is trying to find out whether the person has committed an offence or not. How he can be called an offender at this stage, when inquiry has not yet determined the state of charge made against him? He is merely accused of something which is under probe.
    Till he is proved guilty, he is innocent and he cannot be labeled as an offender.

    Even accused are entitled to the papers of all charges/witness/evidence ec. against him. How he can be denied the investigation report?

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    Information denied on the pre text of Departmental enquiry by Ist applete authority

    Dear Sir, I sought the enclosed information from PIO, they declined that the information can not be provided as departmental enquiry is being conducted against you, without giving any specific reason or section. Then I approached appellate authority. They repeated the same answer of PIO. Now what is the remedy available to me. I am Chief Manager in State Bank of India.



    1. Name of the Applicant: Jai Singh Sangwan

    2. Full Address [with phone No.]: H.N.1809, Sector-6, Bahadurgarh (Haryana), 9416527150

    3. Particulars of information required: As shareholder of SBI Please provide me following information.
    1. Under Region -III, RBO, Panipat, overdrawing beyond sanctioned limits are Permitted at any branch/centre (BPR &NON BPR)
    2. If yes, what is the purpose of these overdrawing

    4. Details of payment of filing fees:

    Cheque No.438910 dated 14.06.2010 for Rs.10/- is enclosed.

    5. Details of enclosures if any:

    6. Please rush the information to me by speed post

    7. If the information is not with you, please forward this application to appropriate PIO, under intimation to me.

    8.Please also provide me file notings and action taken report on this application along with your reply.

    9.Please permit me to inspect relevant record.

    Date: 14.06.2010 Signature of Applicant

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Information denied on the pre text of Departmental enquiry by Ist applete authority

    First of all, the application fee by cheque is not a acceptable mode of payment.
    The valid modes of payment of application fee are as per the Central RTI Rules and Fees, available in the Guide section: RTI Guide

    Cannot really comment on the denial of information part, since you are not disclosing what exactly is the information you asked for.

    Please use the customised google search bar, available at the top of the page and search for "departmental enquiry" and you will get many useful threads in the search results.
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    Denial of document/information

    Dear Sir, Please guide me on following situation.
    I am a charge sheeted officer in SBI. The enquiry is going on. I sought some information / documents under RTI. But the PIO refused to provided on the pre text that it would hamper the enquiry & second objection that the document sought by you is not relevant to your charge sheet. I appealed to appellate authority& they passed order to PIO to provide all documents/information except one document. To whom I should approach for one information which has been denied by appellate authority also without quoting any reason/ section of RTI. PIO has not provided the information ordered by appellate authority in stipulated time.

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