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Thread: Bogus Caste Validity

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    Bogus Caste Validity

    Respected sir,
    A student is admitted in a Govt. MBBS College on bogus Valid OBC certificate how ever his father (belongs to U.P.) is principal in Govt aided medical college of Maharashtra whose pay scale might not come under non creamy layer.
    His father also had submitted the certificate of "Pichri Jati Ka parman patr" from Aazam Garh U.P. to University for approval.
    My question is 1) Whether students can get OBC certificate from Maharashtra even if his father had "Pichri Jati Ka parman patr" from Aazam Garh U.P. ?
    2) How this corruption will be revealed? Please suggest.
    3) Student has produced non creamy layer certificate to university while his father is getting probably more salary. How to prove this?

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    Surendera M. Bhanot
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    Re: Bogus Caste Validity

    You can file RTI Application with the issuing authority who has issued the caste certificate in Maharashtra. Ask for the copy on documents on the basis of the certificate was issued. After getting the papers you can proceed further.

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    Re: Bogus Caste Validity

    Dear Abdullah,

    Get details about the students father income details through RTI by filing application in his office, if his office comes under government of maharashtra.
    Know the cream layer limit for OBC certificate at any office of issuing the caste certificates.
    You also should know from how many years they were in maharashtra.


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    Question Bogus Noncreamy layer & its Validity

    Respected Sir,
    A professor has non creamy layer certificate of her daughter of the year 2008-09. her caste is OBC she also has its validity certificate.

    I have got paysheet of professor using RTI which shows his income is much more than creamy layer limit. however I could not get his income certificate.

    My question is how the non creamy layer certificate & Validity certificate of her daughter can be cancelled ?
    Please reply.

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    Re: Bogus Caste Validity

    Sir, I have got his paysheet for the year 2008-09 as per your advise which is much more to creamy layer limit.
    Please suggest how i could cancell his daughter's non creamy layer certificate by which she got the admission in MBBS in 2009.
    Whether her Validity certificate could also be cancelled? Please suggest how?.

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    Re: Bogus Caste Validity

    Also apply to the local Income Tax Office (ITO), asking the Income tax returns filed by Student's Father. Also check with the rules, each state vary with their Income Limits for giving OBC-Non creamy layer status.
    If you have enough evidence, lodge a complaint with the District Magistrate.

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    What to do after obtaining proof of bogus caste certificate of an MBBS Student

    Respected Sir,
    Previously I have asked about canceling the Bogus Caste & Validity certificate, at that time i have no sufficient proofs against the certificate holder.

    But now i got the letter (in reply of an RTI application) from School board (higher authority of Municipal Schools from where School Leaving certificate of applicants father & grand father were shown issued & verified in the caste certificate) stating that these School Leaving certificate (SLCs) are not issued from related schools & even one of the school is never existed & no varification is done from Taheseeldar, Paranth Adhikari (issuing authority of Caste Certificate) & Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee (issuing the Validity certificate) about these SLCs.

    Sir, further I got a letter (in reply of an RTI application) from the PIO, Arogya Vibhag (Dept. of Municipal Corporation which issues Birth certificates & Death Certificates) which state that Birth Certificates & Death Certificates of grand father & fore grand father of the Caste certificate Certificate holder (which were shown issued & verified in the caste certificate) are not found in record of the dept. & no verification is doen from the Taheseeldar & Paranth Adhikari, & not even from the CASTE Certificate Scrutiny Committee (which issued the Validity of her caste certificate).
    Respected Sir, About all the documents eg. School Leaving Certificates & Birth & Death certificates of relatives caste certificate holder are proved bogus on the ground of these letters. I have lodged complaints to issuing authorities of cast certificate & Validity certificates (Taheseeldar, Paranth Adhikari & Caste certificate scrutiny committee) & copy to high court Bombay was given. Taheseeldar/Paranth has given Notice to applicants father but he did not face the inquiry on the day he was called.
    Sir, an inquiry is already going on by Caste certificate scrutiny committee on any others complaint.
    SIr, Please suggest what should i do. whether i should go High Court directly or any other procedure ?
    If any one want to see all the documents please for suggestion/action, give me postal address i will send it.
    Thanking in anticipation.

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    You can file detailed non-RTI complaint [with supporting proof] with Chief Secretary, Education Dept, Govt of Maha at Mumbai, with copies to Principal of College, Registrar of Univeristy. If no action is taken in a month, you can file RTI applications with SPIO of Chief Secretary, Registrar and College [if it is govt college] by referring:

    Long pending? :

    Make effective:
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    Re: Bogus Caste Validity

    All medical admissions are officiated by Directorate of health,Mumbai.You should file written complaint with its office at St.George's Hospital, but most of such cases need to be settled in high court.


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