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    Default Change of Voter ID address

    Please advise the procedure for adress change in Voter ID card ,
    thanks Terence

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    Default Re: Change of Voter ID address

    Welcome to RTI forum Terence.

    This is site is only for asking questions regarding RTI only, Please visit our sister site http://bighelpers.org/forum for getting help.

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    Default Change of address in voter id card

    Dear Sir,
    I want to change the residence address in my voter id card. Previously I was residing in 9th Main Road, prakashnagar and now I have shifted to 2nd main, 2nd cross, Prakashnagar. So Please let me know the procedure of changing the residence address in the voter id card.

    Thanking you,
    your's faithfuly

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    Default Re: Change of Voter ID address

    Read post #2 above.

    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Default change of address in voter ID

    I want to know how to change the address of my voter id can any body help me in this matter,

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    Default Re: Change of Voter ID address

    Dear Javeed

    Please refer post # 2.


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    Default Change adress of voter id card

    How i can change my voter card adress


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