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Thread: Profident Fund -Employer code number wanted

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    Profident Fund -Employer code number wanted


    I used to work in a comany called Computer Garage Pvt Ltd, Bangalore in 1990-92
    This company has closed down long back.

    I have contributed to my provident fund account when I was employed in this company. I want to tansfer this amount to my current provident fund account.
    Unfortunately, I do not have my provident fund account number since the company did not provide me this information along with my monthly salary slip.

    I want to know the Employer COE with teh Regional Provident fund commissioner, Bangalore for this company. Once I have the employer code, I can find out in which RPFC (Regional provident fund commssioner) office my file is located.

    Can someone help me to locate the RPFC code number for the following company:
    Compuer Garage Pvt Ltd
    237-240 , B.R. Complex,

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    You can locate this code by visiting website of Bangalore office of EPFO. There is link to know this code. Please also visit EPFO and following link:


    Every employer to which PF Act applies should get it registered with EPFO office under whose jurisdiction its head office is situated. I think your ex-employer must be registered with Bangalore office.
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    Re: Profident Fund -Employer code number wanted

    Employees Provident Fund internet Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS)

    All of you seeking PF related help may use the following link which will take you to EPFO newly launched "Employees Provident Fund internet Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS) portal: EPFO or go to Home Page

    This is the New service started by EPFO for online redressal of grievances of the members of EPFO and covers the following types of the queries:

    1. Withdrawal/Final Settlement of PF (Form19/20/31/10C)
    2. Transfer of PF Accumulations (Form 13)
    3. Scheme Certificate (Form 10 C)
    4. Settlement of Pension (Form 10 D)
    5. Issue of PF Slip/PF Balance
    6. Payment of Insurance Benefit (Form 5 IF)
    7. Cheque Returned/Misplaced
    8. Other (Not covered above)

    Tou may try your scenario in the Item No. 8 above (Highlighted in red colour)

    Please tell us your experience with the above so that the other members could be benefited accordingly.


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