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Thread: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

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    Nomination Award RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    Hi Members,

    " RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption"

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    Surendera M. Bhanot
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    re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    RTI helps in preventing of corruption or vice versa.

    Read this scoreboard of murder of RTI Activists:

    1) July 20, Amit Jethwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    2) May 31, Datta Patil, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
    3) April 21, RTI activist Vitthal Gite, Beed, Maharashtra
    4) April 11, Sola Ranga Rao, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh
    5) February 26, Arun Sawant, Badlapur, Maharashtra
    6) February 14, Shashidhar Mishra, Begusarai, Bihar
    7) February 11, Vishram Laxman Dodiya, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    8) January 13, Satish Shetty, Pune, Maharashtra

    Maharashtra is the top performer, and Garvi Gujarat is runner-up. After every murder, the state administration’s standard reply is, “Matter is under investigation. We will find the culprits.” That is eyewash; in most cases, the top brass knows exactly what is going on: an innocent citizen blew the whistle on the rackets run by powerful politically-connected people, and they bumped him off. Chief ministers Ashok Chavan and Narendra Modi know quite a bit, but their silence is shielding the culprits - Posted to me by Kamal Shah

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    Re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    Corruption is the root cause of all problems in our country, RTI is the AXE.

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    Re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    Security has become very serious concern for an RTI activist.
    Its time to spread awareness and alertness regarding RTI in your viscinity.
    Its hopeless to expect security from local Police as they themselves bow down to MLAs and MPs.
    An activist need to collect sympathy from his neighbours or locals and make them aware about his work.
    Educating people is as important as fighting against corruption.
    If u r leading a flock of people then nobody will dare to touch u.

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    Thumbs up Re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    Hi Ashish,

    I am nw to this RTI. but, i want to make it a proper weapon for me.
    so, could you please help me out. whats your location in mumbai.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption


    Welcome to RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information

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    This portal has enough information on the RTI Act for you to write a PhD thesis.

    Please read the following:

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    Re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    Quote Originally Posted by azhar ali View Post
    Hi Ashish,

    I am nw to this RTI. but, i want to make it a proper weapon for me.
    so, could you please help me out. whats your location in mumbai.
    Use it for people`s benefit.
    It`s a sword of chop corruption.....
    Frequently visit this site and learn from people`s experience and RTI guide.
    Go slow but be perfectionist.....

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    Re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    hi azhar, really RTI is the weapon to fight against the corruption. because the reason is that an ordinary person need to know what is going on in administration part. first if they are applying for any thing the reason he should find out for what the delay has been going. for this actually he has to approch the govt. department through RTI act. and more over delay is the main root cause for corruption in govt. departments.

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    Dr. S.Malhotra
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    Re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    Corruption came to be national culture gradually in few decades and to reverse it knee-jerk reactions will not be effective .
    To reverse the process , sustained effect over few years is required . All of us , the RTI users and activists , contributing to the cause of a clean , transparent and accountable governance , will be real heroes and leaders of the nation - some alive some d...

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    Re: RTI is the new Weapon to fight against the Corruption

    What we have been so far doing is to expose one corrupt officer here and one corrupt office there. But in opinion, this cannot work to clean the system. Exposing individual corrupt officers is like cutting leaves of a big tree. If we want to clean the system, we have to strike at the root. After analysing the reasons of corruption, I have arrived at two theories.

    I. By nature everyone as a general rule is greedy (barring some exceptional cases). And wants to amass as much wealth as he can. He won't mind breaking laws if he is sure he won't be caught. One breaks laws to the extent he has guts or has the opportunity. If one does not get the opportunity, he preaches honesty; but as soon as he gets an opportunity, he takes benefit of it. Some officers get opportunity of just remaining absent without leave, (thus taking unearned salary) - they take benefit of this much opportunity only. Some take the benefit of opportunity of taking away some typing papers to pack their lunch and so on. Even the employee who is coming late by one hour daily and leaving one hour early daily, is corrupt in the true sense of the word. One is honest only if he does not get the opportunity or is afraid of getting caught. So to clean the system, it is necessary that the officers should not get the opportunity to be corrupt and should be afraid of getting caught. Thus the RTI Act is a step in the right direction. Officers are afraid of getting caught through RTI. However, this theory is not appearing fool-proof as even after five years of RTI, corruption is not seeing downtrend.

    II. Second Theory. Corruption is of two types - corruption out of greed and corruption out of force. At higher levels of bureaucracy, the corruption is purely out of greed to amass wealth. There cannot be corruption out of force at that level as they are at decision making level and are in a position to force their decisions downwards. At lower levels, sometimes it is out of greed and sometimes out of force. Take the example of the Pune RTO who was found, through use of RTI to have passed 140 vehicles in a single day. If was said that since passing one vehicle should take 15-20 minutes, not more than 32 vehicles could have been passed in a single day. One sided analysis would say that the RTO is corrupt and is passing vehicles without carrying out proper checks and is taking money to pass the vehicles. But proper analysis would tell you why he is passing 140 vehicles in a single day and why he is corrupt. Just think over all of it again - he passes 140 vehicles a day means 140 vehicles a day are coming to him for passing. If he goes as per rules, he can pass 30 -32 vehicles a day and that too, if he continuously works all the 8 hours which is practically not possible. What will happen in the evening. More than 100 vehicle owners will go back after having wasted their full day (and losing one day's earnings) just to come again on next day. And on the next day, these 100 vehicles plus 140 new vehicles will be in the queue only to find in the evening that first 30 vehicles have been entertained and remaining have to go back after wasting their full day and losing that day's earnings also. What will be the result? The vehicle owners will try to get their vehicles passed by hook or crook. Either they will try to bribe this RTO or if he does not give in, they will try to get the RTO changed by complaining against him of harrassment. The seniors, who are actually responsible for the situation as they have not provided sufficient number of staff keeping in view the average inflow of vehicles, will also allege that RTO of not being tactful to handle the situation. The RTO has no option but either to be corrupt or get transferred after facing the humiliation of false complaints. Maximum chances are that he (or if he is bold enough not to give in to corruption and accepts his transter, then his successor), would give in and would start accepting bribe and passing vehicles without testing. Here starts the vicious cycle. First he is forced to be corrupt. But then greed creeps in. Now he won't like his seniors to provide more staff as his earnings will be shared. Instead, he will start offering a portion of his earnings with his seniors just to ensure that more officers are not posted there reducing his earnings. And the officers at senior levels would be becoming corrupt out of greed. But please analyse - if sufficient number of officers are posted keeping in view the average inflow of vehicles, at least the officers who don't want to be corrupt can work without being corrupt. They won't be forced to be corrupt. Take another example. In rationing offices in Delhi, normally one Inspector is posted in an office where requirement is at least of three Inspectors. He has to oversee the affairs of 70 - 100 shops, besides making verifications of applications for new ration cards and doing public dealing in the office till 1.30 p.m. If he keeps applications for ration cards pending, penalty would be levelled on him, besides inviting allegations from public of harrassment. If he does not allow sale of ration items after verifying the quantity in time, he will again invite wrath of public and shop owners - both. Result of this situation would be table reports. The inspectors would give reports without physical verification. Now if they are taking this risk, they would also expect some bribe. This is forced corruption. But then the cycle starts. Once the inspector starts accepting bribe, he won't like more inspectors to be pasted as this would reduce his share. And he becomes corrupt out of greed.

    While the corruption out of greed can be cleaned by brining in fear of being caught, the corruption out force can't be. The forced corruption can be eradicated if appropriate number of staff is provided in the sensitive departments like rationing, transport, revenue, etc.

    If we club both the theories, it can be concluded that to clean the system, it is necessary that (i) appropriate number of staff should be provided in the sensitive department; and (ii) the officers should not get the opportunity of corruption and should be afraid of getting caught.

    While WE are striking at the system through (ii) above, WE are not thinking about (i) above. And this is the reason why even after five years of RTI, the corruption level has not seen downtrend.

    Even the Central Information Commission is feeling the heat of staff shortage. If you see the rate of disposal by different ICs, everyone says Sh. Shailesh Gandhi is disposing of the cases very fast and others are lazy/inefficent. But if you see in the background, Sh. Shailesh Gandhi has (in violation of rules and unauthorisedly) engaged volunteers to work in his office. This is the reason for his speed. But can an officer in an ordinary department engage such volunteers without inviting the allegations of being corrupt? No.

    Of course the RTI is very powerful weapon WE have got to fight against the corruption. But WE have to use it rightly to change the system by striking at the root cause of corruption. Nothing will be achieved by cutting the leaves if we don't strike at the root.

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