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    Default how to get bank account statement

    Through RTI; can i get
    (1) account statement of another person from SBI?
    (2) details of locker operated attached to that account?
    Does the answer matter if i am a joint holder of that account?
    Thanx in advance

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    Default Re: how to get bank account statement

    Why RTI when your self is an account holder.
    Contact your branch manager if you want anything in writing.

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    Default Re: how to get bank account statement

    Normally bank do not divulge the detail in the Accounts statement, being personal information. However, you can gt the details of the account number and other documents which were submitted for the opening of the account.

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    Default Re: how to get bank account statement

    You can get details of accounts or locker if you are a joint account or locker holder. In that case, you can straightway apply to bank [without RTI]. However, if you are not a joint holder, you cannot access these details even with RTI, unless you can convince bank CPIO that it is in larger public interest. RTI is applicable to only public sector banks [and not to private banks or coop banks]

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    Default Re: how to get bank account statement

    Thanx all 4 replies.
    As we all know SARKARI Banks are so un-professional & un-accountable in their approach. I maintained acc+locker with a SBI branch 5yrs ago. I remained their customer for 2 yrs & then the account was shifted to another city, locker surrendered. I want classified locker operation details for that period.
    I am sure that I will only lose time if I simply write to the manager a customary request to supply the details via post. I want to ask from u fellows if RTI route be more effective in this case?

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    Default Re: how to get bank account statement

    To make it more effective, first you should made a simple request. After a fortnight, file RTI Application seeking information regarding action taken on your earlier request, day-to-day moment of the file, latest position of the case, reasons for the delay, name & designation of the employee responsible to the delay and the departmental action initiated against the delinquent employee.

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    Default bank not responding

    A govt sec bank is approached about a saving account related matter in which i am joint account holder. No reply, 35 days have passed. I am a busy person & can not move to state information commission if my physical presence is needed there. tell me some effective way out if anything possible via correspondence only?

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    Default Re: how to get bank account statement

    Dear Member

    Have u filed RTI application??


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