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Thread: Non practicing Allowance to Doctors by govt.

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    Non practicing Allowance to Doctors by govt.

    Doctor working in civil hospital and veternity suergon are getting NPA from Center Govt as well as State Govt. It is matter of great concern that gov is spending a huge amount on NPA on this . In India Govt employee can not do private business and this restriction is for every one . The doctors are paid this allowance for not practicing privately. This is not fare with other employees . Because this applies to every employee i.e teacher can do tuition but are barred, Govt architect can also do the practice after office hours , a Govt Lawyer can also do private practice after office hours but all are barred. Then the govt why is paying NPA to doctors only . This in a way misuse of public funds the rules are same for every govt employee. in other way the govt can enhance the salary of the doctors if they want to give them extra benefit but NPA is not fair. Govt is spending huge amount of money on this .

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    It is indeed wrong, when politicians can, when doctors get, govt. advocate gets, then why the teacher or other employees be bared. Keeping this logic, all should be banned or permitted. But remember, what the govt. and the general public gain is more that what is being paid in the name of NPA in todays economical scenario. An average doctor get around Rs. 6000-7000 only, if we translate that in to number of patients at Rs. 500 as consultation fee, its just 12-24 patients, what any doctor could earn. On the other hand, if they practice, they would make that money easily, but what the general population would loose is much more. Many hospital/clinics would close down or be forced to shit to different ares to make profits or even just survive, the fees and malpractice would increase.
    I would suggest that when we construct bridges, roads, railway stations, govt. building, a contract is given, why not just apply the same rule for health care and for lawyers.... I remember talking to a auto driver, who said, why we have meters, or fixed rates and lawyes/doctos don't. Any comments.


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