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Thread: Indane gas refill period

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    Indane gas refill period


    I would like to know if Indane Gas has come up with any new rules with regard to the time period for refilling your LPG gas cylinder. I am told that if one does not book their LPG gas cylinder within 180 days then the account gets locked and one needs to go back through the whole procedure of rebooking once again. Secondly, if the connection is in your husbands name and if he is placed out of station or abroad then he needs to be physically present in order to rebook/unfreeze the locked connection. If he cannot be present physically then the spouse or this parents can submit an affidavit and get the new connection by paying some "x" amount but one wil not get the earlier deposit money for this new connection. My question is " is there a new rule that we need to book the gas cylinder within 180 days??"



  2. Re: Indane gas refill period

    Dear Ragi

    U can file RTI application with CPIO of IOCL for copy of this rule (if it exists). RTI application as per Central Govt RTI rules. Please see:

    details of CAPIO, CPIO & FAA available here :Right To Information : Oil and Gas Service Companies & for future ref: HOW TO LOCATE A PIO UNDER RTI ACT 2005 - RTI Guide

    For detailed information on how to draft & file an RTI application, please visit & RTI Guide section of the portal.


    How to make RTI application effective (by JPS Sir) :

    If you have any further doubts, please post them here and our members will be pleased to guide you further.


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    Domestic Gas Refill Supply

    Every time the refill gas is supplied after 30-35 days after so many reminders and quarrels. I have complaned the gas co. for which the gas company manager supports the gas agency. Please help me to get the following information:
    1. Within howmany days the refill is to be supplied .
    2. Is there any restriction of number of family members at home.
    3. Whether the agency can check/inspect my house .
    4. Whether the domestic gas can be used for gas geaser.

    Please guide.


  4. Re: Indane gas refill period

    Please proceed as per the suggestions given by Shri Ambrish in his post # 2 above.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    Question LPG Cylinder Refill Booking

    The Jaycee Services, Bharat Gas Distributor in Thane (West), Maharashtra, refuses to book a fresh refill cylinder before 21 days from the previous booking. Is it as per guide lines given by Petroleum Ministry of India?

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    Dear Uday

    They cant deny. Please refer:

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    Refill order Time limit.

    Some Indane distributors book for Refill after every 15 days,sometimes 21 days.what is the actual time period.

  8. Re: Indane gas refill period

    Dear Member

    " Refill can be booked as and when required by a customer to meet his/her genuine requirement of LPG for domestic cooking purpose. No time gap has been specified between the date of supply of a domestic LPG cylinder and the date for booking of the next refill. The same is also true for commercial LPG supplies."
    THIS WAS THE REPLY FROM IOCL in response to my complaint. Please ALSO read this full thread.


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    Re: Indane gas refill period

    Is there 15 day time bar for booking refill cylinder.

  10. Re: Indane gas refill period

    Dear Member

    Please read earlier posts in this thread and links provided therein.


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