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    dhakalall chhetri
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    Default asking information in particular medium

    hi all,

    can I ask concerned authority to provide me information in particular medium ,like, in PEN-DRIVE or in CD.?????
    Because i can't pay if the information they provided is in large volume.
    we have Rs. 5/- as a charge for each page of information.

    dk chhetri

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    Default Re: asking information in particular medium

    Read Sec 7(9) of the RTI Act.
    Information will be ordinarily provided to you in the form it is sought unless...........
    You can ask for it and the PIO might provide it to you provided the information you seek is held in soft form.

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    Default Re: asking information in particular medium

    Yes you can ask the PIO to provide you information in digital form in a CD.

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    Default Re: asking information in particular medium

    PIO will supply information in CD only if it is electronically held. If not held electronically, he is not expected to convert from hard copies to soft copies for your convenience.

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