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Thread: RTI from GETCO

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    RTI from GETCO

    Can we file an RTI from GETCO requesting them to furbish the following:

    A complete and transparent document from GETCO (Gujarat Electricty Transmission Corporation Ltd) providing complete list of all developers who have applied each year (since 2006-07) for evacuation permits for wind power projects with information on size of each project, date of application, date of starting evacuation works, date of completing and commissioning evacuation works, date of submitting security deposit, if any.
    List should also provide information on those who could not complete or submit security deposit and whose evacuation permissions stand cancelled.


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    Dear Member

    Always think like applicant and ask for whatever u want. Let PIO do his part and reply.

    RTI application as per: GUJARAT RTI RULES/FORMATS - RTI Guide

    Details of PIO:

    For detailed information on how to draft & file an RTI application, please see the "All About RTI" links on the homepage & RTI Guide of the portal.


    How to make RTI application effective (by JPS Sir) :

    If you have any further doubts, please post them here and our members will be pleased to guide you further.


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    Re: RTI from GETCO

    Thank You for the encouragement. Shall definitely revert in case I have my doubts.



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