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Thread: TO find Patta No. with Survey No.

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    TO find Patta No. with Survey No.

    Respected Sirs,
    I have come here to know more about what i can do for my issue. Thank You.

    Issue Details:

    Issue 1: My Grandfather got an ancestral property from his father. My great grand father got those properties from the Govt. in 1948. He got those properties as a compensation against 4 Estates as under Estates Abolition & Conversion into Ryotwari Act. He got both Wet lands and Natham lands. As of that time all the wet lands were given patta, while natham lands were surveyed.

    Question: I dont know whether they have given patta for this Natham lands or not. So Can i find Patta No. with Survey no.? If i can what should i do?

    Issue 2: I approached VOA for getting Patta for the Natham lands. But he is claiming it to be Porampoke land. I have documents to show that it is registered with our names. As per Act in 1948 it is said that NATHAM lands were not given PATTA that time. I got survey no. for these lands but "NO PATTA" for these lands. My Father got these lands upon my grand fathers death. But he is not having any information regarding this issue.

    Question 2: I dono anything about NATHAM Lands. So guide me in this issue about what steps should i take to prove that those lands belong to us? Also how to get Patta for those lands?

    Issue 3: My Grandfather sold part of NATHAM lands to a relative. The Relative have sold those lands to a third party. Now that third party have laid foundations in my Natham Lands. When i asked VOA to take survey he is asking for PATTA. When i asked Taluk Officer for PATTA he is asking for Chitta(Note: Chitta is issued by VOA). I have a dispute regarding this Natham Lands. No one is responding relating to this issue.

    Question 3: What steps should i take to solve a issue as above where VOA asks for PATTA(to give Chitta) and Taluk Officer asks for Chitta(to issue PATTA)? (Note: This land is already surveyed before.)

    Question 4: When i ask them to re-survey my NATHAM lands the Officials are not doing so? In this case what should i do?

    kindly help me in these issues. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  2. Re: TO find Patta No. with Survey No.

    Respected sir,
    My grand father buy a land in 1960 but not registered in govt records.after he died my fathers brother registered in his name or not surely i dont know but he is not ready give my share in property . I dont know land servey number to verifie records so pls give information what can i do? recently he build a house in that land H No 4/78/7/D, arepally karimnagar mandal&Dist

  3. Re: TO find Patta No. with Survey No.

    RTI use is limited and not suitable for litigation matters involving huge financial dealings. It is always advisable to be in touch with advocate, and RTI must support your main litigation. Be practical and wherever huge financial litigation is involved which has to be followed within a time bound programme with expertise, contact an advocate, who is experienced in this line.

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