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    What are the books of records to be maintained by the Muncipalities


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    A municipality has many sub-devision like Engineering, health, Sanitation, Revenue, Horticulture etc..They also keep records of death, birth and property too. so their list of record can be long one.

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    I would advise you to refer to act under which municipalities are created. It must define their functions and powers. Through that one must be able to find out as to what are the records maintained by them.

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    Actually I requested certain information from the Municipality PIO did not respond to my RTI query. Only after me filing my fist appeal the PIO in reply requesting me to pay Rs. 350/- for the information I reqested.

    I replied to the letter stating that as per section 7 (1) The PIO has to provide information within the stipulated time of 30 days as the PIO failed to provide the infomation within time frame he is supposed to provide information free of cost according to section 7 (6)

    For which the Municipality replied that the information sought by me requires lot of exercise by searching thousand of records pertaining to 5 years together with field inspection case wise

    "hence you are advised to acertain the information which is readily available with the office and accordingly make specific requisition"

    as per my knowledge goes the information I sought should be reaily available with the department they need to do any exercise to collect the information had they maintained the ready properly
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    I think it indeed is a lot of information.

    Having said that if the Corporation maintains proper records it would not have been so difficult.

    You can write back to them with an enclosed copy of the judgment attached wherein CIC has decided that if it is not possible to give information at one go then please give it in installments.

    I have attached the judgment herewith.

    Ofcourse you can go in for second appeal once the time period for first appeal is over.
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