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Thread: Passport Procesing time after Police Verification

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    Passport Procesing time after Police Verification

    Dear All,
    We submitted the Passport application (Regular) for my wife on 12th Jul 2010 thru agents at RPO, Chennai and got the receipt on 15th Sep 2010. This is for the reissue of passport.The police verification happened on 25th Sep 2010 & the current status in the website is 'Police verification report not yet received'.
    Please let us know the processing time after the Police verification process. Also let us know, if follow-up need to be done from our end.


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    Surendera M. Bhanot
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    Re: Passport Procesing time after Police Verification

    There is fixed time but you should get your passport in a reasonable time. If you face any problem, use RTI way to get information about de;ay in issuing the passport.

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    Dear Member

    you can file RTI application to check the status of ur passport. Please refer to the blog: for a suggested format.


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    Inordinate delay in issuing passport


    File ref no: DLH H000350

    I applied for my passport in January 2010. There was a minor error in the permanent address in the form back then, which I rectified and resubmitted to the officer at Delhi RPO.

    After that resubmission, I have undergone through all verification processes. The online status check still shows me the outdated status that my permanent address is not complete, although the passport officer at Delhi RPO informed me that there is no more issues with the form and the passport will be dispatched very soon.

    I have visited Delhi RPO 4 times, and every time, I was assured that my verification process was complete and my passport will be dispatched in 2 weeks. Those two weeks never came and I still don't have my passport even after 10 months of applying.

    I have sent several mails to grv.jscpv where nothing happened. Please, let me know how do I take this up to the concerned authority? Kindly walk me through this situation as I am a genuine candidate in need.

  5. Hardships in getting Passport

    Respected Dignitaries,

    I am in urgent need of suggestion/advice or whatever it may be so that I can get my Passpot at the earliest.
    I have applied for it on 13.07.2010 and have filled two set of PP forms ,one to be verified at Sanpada where I reside and the other to be verified at Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu from where I have done my studies.
    The PP form to Thiruvallur was sent on 08.09.2010 and again on 22.09.2010.
    Till date I have no idea what is being done into this matter as the status page still shows me " Police Report is incomplete and the case is being examined ", from past many weeks.
    And so I had written an RTI asking about the status of my passport but in vain, I was replied back with those facts which all I knew a long back like when my report was sent to Thiruvallur and we are awaiting for the reply.
    By now spiders might have made web in between my two PP forms, I know.
    Kindly guide me.
    What should I do,please let me know.

  6. Re: Passport Procesing time after Police Verification

    Dear Gaurav & Mr Banarjee

    Please refer post # 2 & 3.



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