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Thread: noc for vehicle transfer

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    noc for vehicle transfer

    Hi !! friends,
    I had applied in june 2008 for NOC (No Objection Certificate) to take my bike form Tiupur (near coimbatore in tamilnadu) to Bangalore. I submitted my application at Tirupur RTO and completed all the formalities. They told that they will send the application to Coimbatore for police verificaion and once they get the response they will issue the NOC. Since then they are telling that they have not got a response and if you require a speedy solution go to coimbatore and follow up. I would likre to know what to do. And if I need to use RTI how should I proceed and whom to contact

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    Welcome to this portal having 8800+ members. For your problem, pl file RTI application with PIO of RTO, Tirupur. Please visit GUIDE section [top right hand side on this page] and refer to TAMILNADU RTI RULES for format, fees etc.For queries pl visit my blog at All the best.
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    Re: how to subscribe to a thread

    Vehicle Registration:
    I have bought a vehicle in Ahmedabad in the year February, 2004 that time I paid Life Time Tax on the Vehicle. Now I am transferred to Pune, Maharashtra, here the RTO is asking me to pay the Tax again. Could you tell me what actually the rules are?

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    Re: noc for vehicle transfer

    dear mr kamlesh,

    I am sending you this reply from personal experience. I had a scooter Registered in Andhra Pradesh. On my transfer I went to Aurangabad(maharashtra). There police used to stop my vehicle everyday. To avoid this, I have approached the concerned officials. This process is cumbursome --- I have to take an NOC from AP city where I have registered my vehicle, submit the same at Aurangabad along with Road Tax once again and apply for refund from AP RTO. How is this process???? Instead of the Maharashtra government collecting money from AP government, they advise the consumer to do that. People like us must write letters contineously to all the Members of Parliament to introduce a bill to make the Road Tax/Life Tax a Central subject instead of state subject. In this process, the entire tax would go to central government account and in turn the central government would distribute such income amongst the state in proportion to the population or whatever other suitable methods may be. I have already wrote several letters in this regard to Bangalore member of parliament and my letter also published in news paper 10 years ago. If the law is amended, corruption can be avoided. One more issue, your local traffic police get more time to control the traffic. All the best

    n chandra sekhar
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    Re: noc for vehicle transfer - Procedure for transfer from Pune to Mumbai

    Hi , sorry if this is another posting but I need this info urgently.

    what is the procedure & cost invovled for vehicle ( bike-2 wheeler) transfer from Pune to Mumbai ( same state)

    1. Get NOC from Pune concern RTO
    2. Get Letter/affidavit of no theft from seller
    3. Register/ fill the necessary forms & submit to Mumbai relevant RTO

    pl. provide more details.


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    Dear Nilay

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