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Thread: Railway - mutual transfer

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    Railway - mutual transfer

    I applied for mutual transfer in 2007. Finally grant in 2010 26th july by spo for gm hajipur (p) . But my division mughalsarai not releasing me .and violated all railway board order and as well gm order in this concern.

    I filed a case under rti days before.
    What will by my further proceedings?
    Can i lodge a case in cat -kolkata?

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    Re: Railway - mutual transfer

    Quote Originally Posted by kkarmaker View Post
    I filed a case under rti days before.
    What will by my further proceedings?
    Can i lodge a case in cat -kolkata?
    You cannot file a case against anyone under RTI !

    The RTI Act is only meant for getting information and not to file cases.

    This portal is only dedicated to discussing issues related to the RTI Act 2005.
    You will not get any answers here to general doubts and requests for help in non RTI related matters.
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    Re: Railway - mutual transfer

    You have not said what is the reply received by you PIO for your RTI application

    if you work hard you can solve your mutual transfer via RTI only
    What questions you have asked in RTI app.

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    Re: Railway - mutual transfer

    my 1 st question at rti app was when the final order received at releasing end?order date was 26/07/2010
    2 nd was( in that order higher authority asked to release my self within 30 days )if there was any cause of non implementing of order of the competent authority.

    3rd in case of any disqualification affecting the non implementation the order , was there any communication been done with higher authority concern if so i asked for a verified photo copy.
    4th the order was as per railway board order no e(ng)1-2007/tr/26 dated 4/12/2007 to implement the order of mu-tr
    without delay.
    so what was the reason to throw the railway board order in a dustbin causing delay in my approved mutual transfer implementation?

    work hard means?
    any suggestion for further proceedings ...

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    Re: Railway - mutual transfer

    try to reframe you queries in simple easy to understand don't be too complex
    frame you queries and make you friend read it and point out mistakes

    ask queris like

    Who is responsible for not implementing order
    When was the order received by office
    What action has been taken on order
    inspection and certified photo copies of previous such order and are they implemented , in how many days
    like this
    and like these ??????

    if you have a copy of order try to put photo copy and ask the concerned for action.

    No one can understand you first question


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