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    Default Article: CIC Directive on implementation of Sec 4

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    Debashis Nanda
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    Default Proactive Disclosure is a MUST by all Govt. offices !

    Dear Karira Ji,
    I feel non-stop that Proactive Disclosure by the Government departments is the only big step needed to implement The RTI Act. The SPIO/CPIO of the Government offices have not been able to shed the negative mentality on the RTI Act and the Proactive Disclosure. They feel that as if a "Litre of their blood" is lost if they give the correct information. And perhaps is make them lie low before the applicant, the citizen of India.

    Even, they are "frightened" to put their name, designation of PIO and tele. nos. on their office premises and misguide the information seekers to the extent possible by them.

    So, the awareness for the common man is not increasing.

    Thanks for the article

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  3. Default Re: Article: CIC Directive on implementation of Sec 4

    I agree with you that section 4 is important, but do not forget the equal importance of sec. 25. It can serve to present the violations of habitually delinquent PIO's and their FAs in a consolidated statement, and expose them nicely. Please view my thread on it here, and contribute to it -

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    why not we unite and file a PIL in supreme court about ths? in tht case from central to state,top to bottom every govt office will have to put the details on corresponding website!
    Because if govt officials follows section 4 of RTI act,we wont need to do RTI much.Because what we are asking now(most of it)throught RTI are those things which they should reveal under section 4 itself.

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    Recently i have been trying to get info pertaining to my personal case from the Mumbai Municipal Corporation from the Dept. of Estates, i.e. Office of the AC Estate when i learnt that the dept. had not complied at all with any provision of S. 4 of the RTI . Therefore, i immediately filed a fresh RTI to inquire on the dept.'s compliance with S. 4.

    I noticed immediately that officials in the dept. got worried and now the PIO is burning the midnight lamp to comply with the most basic provisions of S. 4.

    In the meanwhile i have filed an appeal be4 the FAA hauling up both the PIO and the Dept. itself for non-compliance of S. 4. I have also asked the FAA to to ensure that the Public Authority[PA] in addition to filing the basic manuals as required must also publish certain other kinds of information as required from a reading of Ss. 4(1), 4(2) & 4(3) read together.

    Am i right in thinking that the said sections read together demand that the PA puts out more info connected to the dept. in the public domain? For instance, in my case which concerns with redevelopment schemes carried out in mumbai on muncipal properties a combined reading of the sections would mean that the PA must also list out the various schemes initiated on all municipal properties an status of each, etc.

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    Default Re: Article: CIC Directive on implementation of Sec 4

    Sec 4(1)(b)(i) to (xvii) are just indicative. The PA can pout out as much information as it wants in the public domain. In fact, the more the information they disclose on their own, the lesser the number of RTI applications they will receive.

    Redevelopment Schemes have to be listed out under Sec 4(1)(b)

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    Default Re: CIC Directive on implementation of Sec 4

    Attached is the stay order of the Delhi High Court with respective to the Directive of the CIC directing all PAs to appoint Transparency Officers.

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