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Thread: land records in AP

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    land records in AP

    I want to get the details / information about the land records of survey nos 78 & 79 which is located at Karunapuram, Station Ghanpur (Mandal), Warangal dirstrict, in Andhra Pradesh.
    The land records of survey nos.78 & 79, the no. of occupants and the details of land how much each occupant owns since past 25 years and till date.
    Why am I asking? Because of the land, my father has become abnormal and mentally retarded.
    A small brief about the issue:
    My two grandfathers with three sons each (6 sons) divided equal shares, i.e. total 8 acres, 4 acres each (4X2 - grandfathers), 1.13 acre, i.e. 53 guntas each (53 X 6 - sons). One of my paternal uncles who is no more alive sold 1.2 acres and left 11 guntas 25 years ago, which lies is survey no.79. Now the owner (daughter-in-law) is trying to grab the land from survey no.78 by manipulating the revenue officers and created fake records. My father, who is mentally retarded, has never involved us (three sons) in property manners. Now we are not in a position to stay 24hrs with our land and protect, as we three brothers are out of our home town due to our jobs.
    If i get the original records of the land since past 25 years, i can represent to the higher authorities for a permanent solution.
    Please help me in getting the records till date since past 25 years through RTI.

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    sunil s royale
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    Re: help

    For Your First Information Please visit the following link which provides info about Land survey numbers, ROR Numbers, Pahani etc related to all land documents at present.

    Land Records Computerization

    But if you need Information of land transactions of specific land then you can file an RTI to Land records, Revenue department of AP. You can get details of how to file an RTI is quoted in the home page of this site.

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    thanks for the response, but our district is listed in the link provided.
    yes, i need the land transactions in survey nos.78 & 79.

    my district is "warangal". i need to get the information / records so that i can appeal for a permanent solution. can i ask the details since past 25 years?????
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  4. Re: land records in AP

    Dear Member

    There is no time limit specified in the Act.You can ask "any old" information. Under RTI act you can get info which is available in records (not weeded). Better apply and let Public Information Officer reply.

    Also read:
    20 years old info - Google Search

  5. 40 years old land records

    Dear Sir / Madam.

    I am shashikumar From Bangalore, and I would like to know about land record about 40 years old, which located in Bangalore north, and I want to know the register office of that, to know the detail of that.

  6. Re: land records in AP

    Dear Shasi

    Records of some department like land and revenue are never destroyed. You can file RTI application to know the details of the same. RTI application will be as per state RTI rules. RTI rules are available here: Guide

    Please also go through the earlier posts and links provided therein.


    Merged threads on same issue.

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    hi mr.sunil how can i check the land records in chengalpattu online pls thanks...


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