Last year around august I joined Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy in Andhra Pradesh for Commercial Pilot Training. I paid admission fees of Rs.20,000. After that i came to know maintenance of academy is not good. So i asked for refund. They didn't give refund. They told if you pay 3 lakhs also we won't refund. You already signed agreement. But i didn't sign any agreement. Actually I am from Tamil nadu. I can't go and fight again and again. So i registered complaint in in November month. Complaint was transferred to Joint Secretary of Administration Dept , Andhra Pradesh. Letter came from Joint Secretary i.e U.O Notice came. In that mentioned Joint Sec has ordered to take necessary action. But its gone 4 months. I do no what is status of my complaint. So I again wrote a letter to the Joint Secretary. Again he replied that he ordered to take necessary action. I do no what to do. How can i know whats really happening on my case. Will i get my refund or not? Please help me