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Thread: RTI to State Bank of India.

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    RTI to State Bank of India.

    Hi Friends,
    I want to write an RTI to SBI, Jaipur. I have the following queries regarding it.

    1. My motive is to get the pension details of a particular person who worked in SBI, Jaipur.

    2. Can I also get to know if any disciplinary action has been taken against him at anytime during his tenure. ?

    2. Although I have found the addresses of CPIO and CAPIO from the website of SBI but I am still in confusion as to where to send the RTI application. Actually address of many branches of SBI (about 40) are given in Jaipur and I have no idea which branch that person worked last. Also in the application which branch name should I write as I am not sure about the branch name but only sure that the person last worked in SBI Jaipur. Last time when I had send RTI to the admin branch then they returned my application saying that they do not deal with RTI queries. Please do let me know the correct address of SBI, Jaipur where I should post my RTI.

    3. Can the CPIO reject the information sought as me being a 3rd party ? I have drafted the application in general and not written any specific name of anybody. I hope they should provide me the information and not reject it as being a 3rd party.

    4. At the bottom of the application should I write cc : Finance Minsiter, SBI Main Branch in Delhi, etc. ?

    Please help me in resolving my queries

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Dear Siddarth

    Please try : & in case u dont find the details , u can file RTI application with Public Information Officer of any SBI branch and s/he will forward the same to correct Public Information Officer . No need to mark copy to any one.


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    Dr. S.Malhotra
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    Re: RTI to State Bank of India.

    this is fishing in unknown waters .... such applicant is likely to face hurdles in getting information . It is better you do some home-work before launching RTI Appl and find something to identify the subject for the CPIO ,
    You may send your RTI Appl to CPIO in Zonal office of the bank .
    it just occured to me ... why do not you get a list of retirees during a particular relevant period and then in next application go for your subject !!

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    Re: RTI to State Bank of India.

    What I am thinking is to ask for pensioners in all branches of Jaipur. In all there are 37 branches in Jaipur. Since I don't know in which branch that person worked (all I know is that he retired from SBI, Jaipur) I am thinking of asking for the date from all the branches in Jaipur. In this way I would get the data which I need. In addition to it, I would address the application to the Regional Zone of SBI, Jaipur. If the deem fit then they would forward the data to the appropriate department and branch.

    Thanks and Regards,


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