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    Default APTRANSCO underground high voltage cabling work

    Hi Team,

    Recently APTRANSCO has taken up underground high voltage cabling work in my area erragadda,hyderabad,andhra pradesh.

    Because of the need to take up the work the roads have been dug up to 6 feet one side across the complete stretch thus causing lot of inconvenience to the public due to restriction in movement.

    Though i would accept the digging of roads and would take the inconvenience to a larger extent the delay in completing the work is frustrating and thus some questions have cropped in the mind which i would like to ask APTRANSCO under the RTI ACT.

    Thus i need your help in framing the correct questions for the questions given below which are lingering in my mind

    1)Why was the work taken up in the monsoon when it is known to cause delays due to water logging in the dug up portion.(The reason this question i had this in mind is because cost overruns is one of the main practice for indulging in corruption and the work being taken up in monsoon definitely delays work)

    2)What is the road relaying plan?(Some portions of the road the cabling work is done and the trench has been covered with loose sand and due to rain it has turned slushy thus becoming very difficult to drive)

    Looking forward for your responses and also do let me know if any additional information is required from my end and also if anything additional questions can be asked to APTRANSCO under RTI ACT.


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    Default Re: APTRANSCO underground high voltage cabling work

    You can file a RTI application with the PIO. Details of PIO will be available on the website of the organisation/department, under the "RTI" link. Or simply call that office and ask "Who is the PIO in your office under the RTI Act 2005. I want to file a RTI application." ?

    Your RTI Application has to be as per the RTI Rules and Fees for AP.
    These are available in the Guide section of the Portal: RTI Guide

    Please read the other articles in the Guide section as well as the links given in the FAQ here: RTI FAQ

    These will be of help to you during the RTI process.

    Please also read:http://www.rtiindia.org/act/

    If you wish, you can upload your RTI application here for our members to guide you further.

    I think that you should also ask APTRANSCO for a copy of the road digging permission given by GHMC. That will have a clause reagrding the target completion date of the work. Permission to dig roads is only given by GHMC after the digger pays a advance amount for relaying the road. Once that amount is paid, permission is given and then it is GHMCs responsibility to relay the road.

    Besides the RTI, also file written Complaints with :

    Hyderabad Traffic Police (they are on Facebook)

    Attach pictures with your complaints.

    Wait for some time and then file 3 separate RTIs with each one of the above and ask as to what happened to your written complaints.

    It will be better if you can get many local residents to file separate complaints individually to all the three above. More number of Complaints, more the pressure.



    You need to reframe those queries. Under RTI you can only ask for "information". Please read Sec 2(f), 2(i) and 2(j) of the RTI Act 2005:

    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Default Re: APTRANSCO underground high voltage cabling work


    Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. Really appreciate it

    But just to sum up what you have suggested. You first suggest me to file a written complaint and if it is delayed go with RTI right?

    Can the complaint be in the form of a question?

    And in more particular i wanted to know how to frame the question so as to demand information?

    The question of work being taken up in the monsoon needs to be framed correctly
    and as for the road relaying work we can demand information by asking" Furnish the road relaying plans"

    If you have anymore suggestions please reach out


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    Default Re: APTRANSCO underground high voltage cabling work

    Your Complaint and RTI can both be in parallel.
    Others can first file complaints and then follow up with RTIs - just to keep up pressure.
    Complaint can be a plain complaint ending with a question like "By when will this work be completed" (or something to that effect).

    Please draft a RTI application and upload it here and our members will suggest changes, if necessary.

    Twitter: @cjkarira

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