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Thread: State Bank of India cheque book charges

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    Hi everyone.
    I joined today and my problem is as follows:
    Recently I applied for a savings bank account at my nearby SBI branch. I applied under YUVA Savings Bank Account. When I received my ATM Card & Cheque Book, I applied for Multi City Cheque on 28th April 2011 as I was told that I would get 25 free Multi City Cheque leaves in a calender year because I am a YUVA Savings account holder.

    However, Rs 75 (Rs 3 x 25 leaves) was debited from my account for the same instantly. I sent an email to customer care asking why I was charged for MCC when it was shown to me that in case of a YUVA Savings account holder, "Multi-city cheques will be provided, out of which 25 cheque leaves will be free in a year. (This will be done without a request)". The bank showed me this clause at the time of applying for account.

    Anyway, reply came that I should contact my home branch regarding this. When I picked up this matter with the person concerned at the bank, I was told it was an automatic process and they had nothing to do with the deduction. They instead asked me to contact customer care again for further course of action. Thats pure harassment!!

    Now my question is: Is there any chance that I can file an RTI application and get to know of the true details? If there is a possibility, the please tell me the process of filing such an application.

    Thank You

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    re: State Bank of India cheque book charges

    yes you can file RTI application to SBI regarding the issue. and ask for
    copy of norms for 25 free Multi City Cheque leaves in a calender year for YUVA Savings account holder.

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    What else should I ask in the RTI application?
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    Dear Member

    have you filed any complaint in this regard ??


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    Re: State Bank of India cheque book charges

    follow the above as advised and secondly lodge a written complain to your branch. and wait for 15-20 days before shooting application under RTI.

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    It is true that branch has no control over many charges which are centrally debited. However, at times while opening account branch does not key in correct information and details of scheme under which it is opened etc and hence service charges are debited. You may e-lodge complaint by visiting,453,14

    Please also peruse:

    Bank problems:

    How to address problems with banks? - Blogs - Big Helpers Community

    SBI has posted branch-wise email IDs in branch locator link and hence you can send copy to branch head by email also in addition to e-complaint as above. There is auto-upscaling of e-complaints upto HO over a period of time.

    Please do not use RTI at present. If amount is not refunded in a month, you can push RTI by scaling up e-complaint:

    Long pending?:

    Central Govt. application:

    Make effective:

    Word Limit: Since there is limit of 500 total words [excluding both addresses and annexures] for Central Govt information, you may submit more than one application to cover all the queries and mail in one envelope.

    Since all branch heads of SBI are designated as ACPIO under RTI, you may address RTI to Br. Head/ACPIO, SBI, _____ BRANCH and also amend clause 4 of second link application to read as "Filing fee: Cash of Rs.10 is paid to ACPIO"
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    Sorry everybody for not updating this thread. I filed a complaint at SBI official site :: STATE BANK OF INDIA :: Safe Banking With SBI :: in that regard within a few days after I wrote in this forum, i.e. in September last yr. They subsequently refunded the Rs 75 into my account within a week of receipt of the complaint. Thank you for being so concerned in this regard


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