As reported by Danish Raza in on 06 Sep 2011:

CIC to SC: Disclose list of uncle judges

This is the first time that SC will reveal the information on the issue

The existence of uncle judges is an open secret, but if an order of the central information commission (CIC) is executed, then for the first time the Supreme Court itself may reveal the names of such judges. In an order dated August 11, the CIC directed the apex court’s central public information officer (CPIO) to reveal this information within ten days.

However, the applicant, Delhi based Mannish Bhatnagar is yet to receive the information.

“….although no information in this regard was available at the time the application had been preferred, in the meanwhile, some information, namely, about the relatives of the sitting Supreme Court judges engaged in the legal profession anywhere in India, had been collected and they were willing to disclose that. We direct the CPIO to send this information, as available now, to the appellant within 10 days of receiving this order,” ruled the CIC.

The applicant, through RTI act, sought to know, the names of supreme court judges whose relatives were practicing before themselves or in the courts.