As reported by Priyanka Dubey in on 08 Sep 2011:

Delhi blast: No end of ordeal for victims' relatives

New Delhi: After having lost their loved ones in Wednesday's terror attack, the ordeal for the families has just started. From callous hospital authorities to bureaucratic red tape, there is no respite for those mourning the dead.

Damini lost her father AK Sharma in the High Court blast on Wednesday. Sharma was a school teacher. Damini said her father had filed several RTI's to expose the corrupt practices in the educational system for which both he and his wife were suspended immediately. For four years they survived on bare minimum. He could have bowed to pressure but instead chose to fight his case. And that's why he was at the High Court on Wednesday.

"We barely manage to survive. My mother starts savin up for my sister's fees one year in advance," said Damini Sharma.

The youngest in the family, Rishabh, is still in a state of shock.

"Till I heard my mother talking on the phone, I was not aware that my father has expired," said Rishabh.

Forty eight-year-old Shehadulaah has lost his father in Wednesday's blast. Nizamuddin had come to Delhi from Meerut to fulfill his last wish. To fight for his grandson who was in jail. But before he could even enter the High Court for the hearing, the terrorists decided his fate.

"Although Delhi is the country's capital, this was the second bid at the High Court. What's the Government doing?" said Shejaulla.

For years they were burdened and were fighting legal battles. Now they have lost their lives in a bomb blast...some of their bodies mangled beyond recognition. But even in their final journey, the victims of this tragedy are being denied the peace and the dignity that they deserve.

The post mortems of the deceased are being conducted at the Lady Hardinge Hospital and the families say that even in death, the ordeal is far from over. They said that the officials are asking for as much as Rs 800 for a sheet to cover the dead body.

"First they asked us to get the shroud. Then they asked us to go and procure a plastic sheet," said Manjeet Singh, a victim's relative.

Rahul was as helpless as Manjeet, even as his friend Vipin lies injured.

"For the past four hours they have not conducted the right scan. Now they are saying, they will shift him to the AIIMS," said Rahul.

The VVIPs have been trooping in to see the injured and the dead. But the question being asked at the hospital premises - what really are you doing Mr Minister about the lives that have been blown to pieces?

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