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    Iam Mediclaim Policy holder for me & My family from 2006 onwards from National Insurance Company.
    Last year in March 2010 I was admitted to Jaipur Golden Hospital for Sleep Apnea & was advised to buy C-pap machine. Now though my policy was suppose to be cash less but the company refused cashless facility & lateron rejected the claim saying Time Bar. AFter lot of fight My hospital bill was passed & the claim was given but they refused to give me the cost of C-pap machine saying this not covered. Where as there are quite a few rulings to this effect in f/o of consumers where people have got the claims for machines also.
    I need to know how could I use RTI to get my money from the Insurance company.

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    Default Re: Medical Insurance

    Through RTI you can get certified copies of all the papers, rules and also inspect all the papers in the office of insurance company. You can also get number of cases in which cost of machine was reimbursed in last 3 or 5 years etc. Please refer:

    Central Govt application:

    Make effective:

    However, if you have exhausted all avenues within said company, it is advisable to file complaint with Insurance Ombudsman. Details are available on website of IRDA.

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