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Thread: How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue

  1. How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue

    Dear All
    I am new to all this. I have been struggling to get my PF transfer from my ex-employer to my new employer PF account. Its been more than a year now, but still the PF transfer has not happened.
    The issue is pending with the PF office in Hyderabad, Barkatpur. 1

    I had sent the Form 13 to my ex-employer in Aug 2010 last year and again in Aug 2011. Both the times my ex-employer had submitted the forms to RPFC office but till now I haven't received any communication.

    I sent couple of grieveances but no reply from the PF office. Please advise how do I follow up on this PF transfer issue. Will filing a RTI will help?

    If so, could you pls guide me step-by step on how to file this application with the PF office in hyderabad.

    Looking forward to your guidance.


  2. Re: How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue

    The Public Information Officer,
    Sub: Application under Right to Information Act 2005

    I had made an application/complaint for the following reason (copy of application/complaint is attached) but no action/satisfactory action has been taken on my application so far.
    Please provide the following information with respect to the same:
    Please indicate the daily progress made on my application/complaint so far. i.e. when did my application/complaint reach which officer, for how long did it stay with that officer and what action did he/she take on it during that period?
    Please give the names and designations of the officials, if any, who delayed taking action on my application/complaint.
    What action would be taken against these officials for delay? By when would that action be taken?
    By when would my application/complaint be dealt with?

    The norms, if any, prescribed for the department to deal with these types of applications/complaints.
    List of any applications/complaints/ that were received after your application/complaint but dealt with earlier, and the reasons thereof.

  3. Re: How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue

    Under section 4 of the RTI act it is mandatory for every govt office to make pro active discloser of how thy function,what is the time limit for any work,how decision is being carried out.Make your 1st RTI application so strong so that thy cant deny it nd answer it,otherwise if u file a weak RTI application,thy will assume that u dont know much about RTI and will reject or give u half true answers.

  4. Re: How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue

    Thank you Dr Kuntal

    Where can I find the application form and the complaint form? Where do I need to send it, is there a fee to it?


  5. Re: How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue

    You just need to file a RTI application,for this diff states has diff fees.
    Along with your RTI application attest documents of when you requested for PF transfer.
    Pls give me sometime so that i can google andhrapradesh RTI fees.
    Some states do have specific format,but you can simply file an RTI application on blank paper.Dont be in hurry to file RTI,take some time nd prepare it fully.

  6. Re: How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue
    here is the fees nd rules for andhra pradesh RTI. read it and get yourself some idea of procedure.

  7. Re: How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue

    Dear Dr Kuntal
    Thanks for your help.

    I have drafted this application form for the PF transfer issue, can you pls see if this is ok or do I need to make any modifications

    ------START Application----------
    Regarding: Delay in Transfer of my PF
    I had applied for a PF transfer from my old PF account with Hyderabad RPFP office (Barkatpura Office) to my new PF account with Bandra PF Office one year back but still the transfer has not happened to my new account. There has not been any communication also regarding the delay in the transfer process.
    The PF Transfer request was submitted in Aug 2010 and again in Aug 2011 to the Regional PF Office, Barkatpura, Hyderabad. Till date The Pf transfer has not happened to my new account.
    I filed couple of EPF grievances# ROHBD/E/2011/10015 & ****** with Hyderabad PF Office, but I haven't heard back anything from the PF office yet.
    Can you kindly help me in knowing the status of my PF transfer and the current balance in my PF accounts mentioned below?
    Relevant Details:
    Applicant Name: *******
    Current employer: ******
    Current PF Account Number: MH/BAN/****

    Previous employer: ******
    Previous PF Account Number: ******

    Details of PF office where Applied: Regional PF Office, Barkatpura, Hyderabad (AP)

    PF transfer applied on Date: 08/2010 & again in 08/2011
    Particulars of information required:
    As per list mentioned below List of information requested
    1. What is the current status of my application for PF balance Transfer from PF A/C # AP/HYD***?
    2. Reasons relating to delay in transferring of PF amount / credit from my old PF account, even after a lapse of more than 12 months?
    3. By when will I get the PF transferred from my old PF account?
    4. PF Balance as of current Date for accounts *** & *****
    5. What is the normal time limit applicable for a PF Transfer from your PF office to another PF Office?
    6. What will happen to the interest on the amount in question for the period the PF transfer was not done?

    7. Day by day progress on the process of transfer of PF balance
    8. Names of officers responsible for the PF balance transfer of my account
    9. What action will be taken against officers causing the delay and by when?
    10. In case PF Transfer has happened / Rejected/ Not approved, please tell me all dates on which action was taken by PF office.
    11. If the PF transfer has happened, send me scanned copies of the cheques that were sent to my new PF account’s PF office
    12. Please tell me address and details (Copies) of all letters and requests issued to myself/ Ex employers and Other PF Offices.
    13. In case the applications are rejected for transfer, I want complete details of the application/ communication/ Dates of communication, names of people who were contacted and also Reason of rejection.

    ----END ------------------------

    Appreciate if you could review and guide me.


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    C J Karira
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    Re: How to file RTI Application for PF Transfer issue

    Please note that the EPFO office is under the Central Government.
    Therefore you have to follow the Central RTI Rules, available in the guide segment:


    As a thumb rule, always follow the RTI rules for the respective government under which the department or office falls. This is irrespective of where that office is located or where the applicant is located.
    Twitter: @cjkarira

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