Board of Industrial and financial reconstruction (BIFR) in the matter of IDPL (a Pharmaceuticals company of Govt. Of India) order to close this company during the year 203-04.
As a result of closure orders IDPL management in league with Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers compelled its entire work force (about 7500 employees) to opt for Voluntary Retirement under the threat of RETRENCHMENT. Only 250 employees were retained to complete the process of closure, though they have also opt for VRS.
Now GOI is going to revive this Company. Manpower is being out sourced violating clause-12 of VRS in which it is clearly mentioned that," In implementing the VRS Scheme, managements shall ensure that it is extended primarily to such employees whose services may be dispensed with out detriment to the company. Care will be exercised to ensure that highly skilled and qualified workers and staff are not given the option. As there will be no recruitment against vacancies arising due to VRS- It is important that the organization is not denuded of talent. The management of the PSUs shall introduce the VRS with the approval of their Boards and the administrative Ministries.<o></o>
(S. Talwar)<o></o>
Joint Secretary to the Government of <st1>lace w:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on">India</st1:country-region></st1>lace>.

On the basis of above facts whether the existing employees raise their voices for protection under the provisions of Constitution of India art.14,21and 32 for equality and dignity to live.
Most of the employees are in the age group of 47-54. They have social liabalities of their growing children in this competetive scnereo.Their dues were calcuted on 1988 wages during the year 2003.