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    Default RTI Applicants are exposed to Threats from anti social elements

    Hi All,

    This is Syed, presently working as a Software Architect & Consultant. Enthusiatically glued to RTI Act since 2007. I have filed several RTIs for the benefit of general public and sometimes for some personal cause.

    Here is what I have in mind:

    RTI Applicants are exposed to Threats from anti social elements. Sadly, most of the time, its the PIO himself behind those anti social elements. Personally I received two threats, from then I am too cautious about appeals and complaints. This is my proposal to mitigate the risks and protect the applicants.

    1) A centralized system/body/commitee should be setup to receive RTI Applications.

    2) That Centralized system/body/commitee should balck-out the personal details of the applicant, and send the application to PIO.

    3) PIO has to follow the provisions of RTI ACT and should provide thier response to the Centralized System/body/commitee.

    4) The centralized system/body/commitee should then send the response to the applicant.

    5) Any Appeal, or Complaint should be addressed to this centralized system, and it should investigate the application, and the response and then decide on calling for a hearing. The appellant and respondant should be called separately.

    6) If the Centralized system/body/commitee finds the appeal genuine and reasonable then it can penalize the PIO even without calling for a hearing.

    7) Seeking information related to personal issues, e.g. "PF transfer" may require the PF number to be furnished, and the PIO could easily trace the identity of the applicant via the PF Number. In such case the PIO has to submit a declaration to The Centralized system/body/commitee stating " I shall not reveal the identity of the applicant to any one in form. If found guilty, any punitive action prescribed under law can be imposed on me"

    I think setting up a Centralized System wont be a huge task, infact it would make the RTI process further better.

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    Default Re: RTI Applicants are exposed to Threats from anti social elements

    Nice Idea ? But Government wont do this

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