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Thread: How to apply for New Ration card in Tamil Nadu

  1. How to apply for New Ration card in Tamil Nadu

    Hi to all,
    I am glad to share my experience in getting a new Ration card for me and my family in the Chennai city by spending not more than Rs.25/- ... Yes only Rupees Twenty Five with no bribe... within a period of 45 days.

    Almost everyone in Tamil Nadu would say as if all Government jobs can be fulfilled only by means of giving bribe to the government officials. But I want myself to differ from that statement. Only when we are not perfect enough in the required documents, there the bribe comes into picture. When we have all our documents in place with no holes in it then for sure you can achieve getting the Government job done without any bribe I believe (since I am Successful).

    Let me list out the steps that I have followed in order to get a Ration card on my name

    Step 1: I removed my name from my Father's Ration card and got a name deletion certificate (with in a period of 7 days), also I took a Xerox of the page in the original Ration card, where the information for deleting my name is mentioned.

    Step 2: I removed my Wife's name from her Father's Ration card and got her name deletion certificate, also took a Xerox of the page in the original Ration card, where the information for deleting my Wife's name is mentioned.

    Step 3: I took a Xerox copy of the Ration card of my house owner as the address proof of my stay in the rented house, along with a letter from my House owner

    Step 4: I took a Xerox copy of my Son's birth certificate

    Step 5: With all the above said proof I filled in the Ration card application form with the help of a person who writes it in the Civil supplies office. I gave Rs.20/- for the form as well as for filling in the application

    Step 6: With a passport size photograph pasted in the form I submitted all my documents along with my marriage certificate and invitation (only the name deletion certificate should be in original, take Xerox copy for your reference)

    Step 7: I submitted all the relevant documents on 3rd of December 2011

    Step 8: With in a period of 2 weeks a person from Civil supplies office will come for verification to confirm whether you are staying in the mentioned address. Even if your house owner confirms that you stay there, then no issues.

    Step 9: If at all some documents are missing out, then the verifying officer will request you to provide those documents. Better do it immediately as and when the person reports you, if there is any delay from your side then there are chances of your documents to go missed out (if your original name deletion certificate is missed out, it is very difficult to get a duplicate of it )

    Step 11: If there are no queries from the verification officer, then it means, your Ration card is all set to go for Printing (just give him a call and confirm).

    Step 12: After 2 weeks time of the Civil Supplies officer's visit at your home, you can directly go to the Civil Supplies office and inquire about your Card Status

    Step 13: They would ask you to call a number to confirm when will be your Card ready for collection

    Step 14: After the confirmation via Call you can go to Civil supplies office to collect your Ration Card by giving Rs.5/- as printing cost

    Step 15: Finally now the time comes… You have your most longed Ration Card on your hand with your Photo printed on top right corner…..hurrrrray…….

    Step 16: Final step is to take the Ration Card to the Ration shop in your area, (the shop number will be printed on your Ration Card with its address) for getting a seal from the manager of the Shop. It means your Card is ready to purchase commodities from that shop from the consecutive month onwards.

    Note: The manager in the shop might ask you to leave by giving the card to him saying that he is busy and will give the card with seal in an hour or so… Please don’t give your card to him and leave, as he will not give you any acknowledgement for the same. If he misses it out, then no way you can get a duplicate Card

    So these are my experience in getting a new Ration card on my Name. And I am successful without giving any bribe… Hope it would be useful for many like me. All the very best, get a New Ration Card with no bribe


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    Re: How to apply for New Ration card in Tamil Nadu

    Can you please post this article on our sister website: Big Helpers - since that site gets many queries about obtaining Ration Card in Chennai or TN.
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