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Thread: Regarding EPF Account Balance

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    Regarding EPF Account Balance


    I was working with a company from June 2006 to June 2008.From June 2006 to Sep 2007 i was having a PF account,and that account Number suddenly changed to some other number from October 2007.
    I left the company in June 2008.

    Now i want to know my account balance in both of these accounts.Please suggest me how to check my account balance online.My account is with PF office Mumbai.

    Pls let me know if you need any other information.

    Thanks n Regards,

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    Re: Regarding EPF Account Balance

    Your EPF account number cannot suddenly change automatically. The numbering system of EPF is such that the first two places are alphabetical, like MH for Maharashtra, TN for Tamil Nadu etc. The second part of 4 or 5 digits shows the code number of the Establishment, the last part shows the serial number of the account in that particular establishement. For example if the number is MH/1234/90876, MH indicates that the establishment is covered under Maharashtra, 1234 is the code number of the establishment and 90876 is the account number of the subscriber. The number changes only when one changes one's establishment. Hence it is not clear how all of a sudden ur number changed. Please ask your employer for clarification. For further details about EPF you may visit my blog - RTI India - taurus

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    Re: Regarding EPF Account Balance

    Thanks a lot for your quich revert.
    Earlier my PF Account Number was MH/47883/25 till Sep 2007,and from October 2007 it was changed to MH/48073/25.The reason cited by the company is that the comapany got demergered and a separate company was formed in 2007.
    How can i confirm that whether my employer was really deposting my PF amount with the Government or not.I have not got any PF statement till now.When asked by the employer,we got a reply that the Govt has not finalised the PF Rate of Interest,so the Govt is not issuing any account there any way to find out how much is my account balance,so that i can ask for an explanation from my employer.

    Thanks n Regards,

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    Re: Regarding EPF Account Balance

    Under therse circumastances it is better to file a RTI application. You can ask upto which year the annual account statement has been issued to you. When the statement for 2007-2008 will be issued to you. Who is responsible for the delay. What action has been taken against the persons responsible for the delay. What is the balance in your account as on 1.11.2008. You have to send it to the RPFC concerned. Please check that up from your employer.

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    Re: Regarding EPF Account Balance

    my epf a/c number is MH/97204/210.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Dear Subramani

    Please see :



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