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Thread: Copies to be provided since applicant cannot go for inspection

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    Copies to be provided since applicant cannot go for inspection

    Many times on this forum, memebrs have complained that IC is thrusting inspection on them even if the place of inspection is far away.

    Came across this 2010 order of IC AD, where she has agreed to direct the PA to provide copies to the applicant since he cannot travel to another far away city for inspection, which was earlier ordered by the IC.

    The appellant agreed to pay the costs of photocopying.

    The Decision in the above mentioned case is given below:
    The Commission after hearing both sides holds that the details of contracts given by a
    Public Authority to an agency can by no means be considered as being held in a fiduciary capacity.
    Hence, the PIO is directed to open all files related to the M/s.P.A.Sales Corporation so that the
    Appellant may take copies of whatever documents he requires, free of cost. The information may be
    provided by 15.5.2010.
    5. The Commission noted that the case had already been heard on 17.5.10 and a decision given as
    mentioned above. During the hearing in the instant case the Appellant submitted that he would not
    be able to travel to Chennai to inspect the files as ordered by the Commission in its decision dated
    17.5.10 and requested that copies of all documents in the relevant files be provided to him. He stated
    that he would be happy to meet the photocopying charges.

    6. The Commission accordingly directs the PIO to provide attested copies of documents from all
    relevant files relating to M/s.P.A Sales Corporation to the Appellant by end August, 2010, free of cost
    upto a maximum of 50 pages of information. The Appellant may be charged at Rs.2/per
    page for photocopying of the remaining documents.

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