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Thread: How to ask for information

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    How to ask for information

    My name is Dr.S.Rajendra. i am dentist,i have got query ,if i need a information, from city corporation office, than how to ask for it ,the application form is available in web site , after filling the application ,where should i make the basic payment,than where and whom should i submit the application ,i am not able to find out the pio (public information officers)of karnataka, mysore district,there phone numbers and address,
    i feel one should create the awaerness regarding how to apply ,whom to contact for submission , through media and other agencies,so that this act will become strong.

    thanking you

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    C J Karira
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    Re: How to ask for information

    Dr. Rajendra,

    Welcome to the forum.

    1. Fill up the application form that you have from the website.
    2. Find out who is the PIO and where does he sit
    (there should be a PIO in the main office of the Municipal Corportaion
    of Mysore and Bangalore)
    3. Basic payment of Rs. 10/- per application has to be paid by Cash,
    Bankers Cheque or D/D in the name of ..........(name to be given by the
    PIO). This should be attched to the RTI Application.
    (preferably mention the Cheque Nr. in the application itself, at the
    4. When you hand over the applcation and the D/D, get a proper reciept
    or a signature with rubber stamp from the person accepting the
    5. Keep the copy safely and wait for 30 days.
    6. People in the office will try to convince you in different ways for
    NOT filing this application...listen to everyone patiently, smile always,
    but finally hand over the application, get acknowledgement and then
    only leave.

    Sir, do not be afraid. Just walk into any office and proudly ask:
    "Who is the PIO in this office ?"
    You will see a sea change in the attitude...they will even offer you a chair !

    In case you want help in getting PIO's name, etc..please contact:

    RTI helpline run by Manjunath Trust: 92504-00100

    There are many volunteer agencies and NGO's who help applicants. Individuals are also doing the same. Websites (like this one) also help people on one to one basis. Under the act, the Govt. is also supposed to launch campaigns for the benefit of the general public.

    If any further help, please post.

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    Re: How to ask for information

    dear karira,
    thanks for information,realy i am happy to see ,reply this is realy great you people are really healping the people,thanking once again.


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