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Thread: sub registrar refusing to register my sale deed

  1. sub registrar refusing to register my sale deed

    I have purchased my property 2 years back from a seller ,who has purchased property in 1982 from some other person.Now i have sold the same property to third party andwhen i have gone to register the documents to sub registrar he refused to register the document with answer that the said property has stay in some other case where my earlier andmyself are not aware of the same.he says that the property has been given incharitable trust by the first party from which my party has purchsed in 1982.

    I want to know how can third party be affected in someother people dispute.

  2. Re: sub registrar refusing to register my sale deed

    please help me

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    Re: sub registrar refusing to register my sale deed

    file RTI application to same registrar

    demand certified copies of each and every documents related to XXX property with date of receipt

    please read : States RTI Rules Centre/State RTI Rules and Fees - Guide

    How to submit RTI application:

  4. Re: sub registrar refusing to register my sale deed

    1. I Mr. Vivek purchased one commercial Plot area 1500 Sq. ft. situated in revenue Khasara No. 610/745 of adarsh
    Nagar Plot No. 36 on 15/4/2010 by registered Sale Deed, full consideration paid and obtained vacant & peaceful
    possession of Plot from seller Mr. Ramlal.

    2. Mr. Ramlal & others purchased agriculture land revenue Khasara No.610/745 area 1.24 hector in 23/6/1982 &
    divided between them and converted into Commercial Plot & obtained Patta of plot No. 36 of 1500 sq. ft. on
    30/5/1985 in the name of Ramlal himself.

    3. I obtained permission for boundry wall construction from Municipality on 12/5/2010 and renewal permission on
    26/6/2011 in my favor.

    4. The same Plot sold by me on 10/7/2011, received full sale consideration and handed over vacant & peaceful
    possession to Purchaser Mrs. Sonidevi.

    5. After sale & handing over possession I approach to sub registrar for inquiry of registration of sale deed, On inquiry
    sub registrar given one copy oe f letter issued by Inspector General (Stamps & Registration) Ajmer mentioning
    that there is T. I. order dated 30-11-2010 issued by civil court for adarsh nagar so obey court order.

    6. I written letter to I.G. & copy to Sub Registrar and inform that there is no T. I. of dated 30.11.2010 issued for
    Adarsh Nagar And there is no suit or T.I. against me or Mr. Ramlal and my Plot is not disputed Plot in any suit.

    7. I. G.(Stamps & registration) Ajmer written one letter to Sub Registrar and with reference to earlier letter Mention
    that enquire the matter and if T.I. order not effected the property register the document.

    8. Sub Registrar verbally informed that buy stamp paper & prepare sale deed so sub registrar will register the same.

    9. My Plot Purchaser Mrs. Sonidevi purchased stamp paper as per DLC rate and sale deed executed and presented
    before Sub registrar for registration but sub registrar deny to accept the same without giving any reason and
    asked to give one application stating that I am not party in Civil misc. T. I. Application No. 17/2010 and my plot is
    not subject matter of dispute in the said application or suit therefore issue order for registration of sale deed so I
    filed application before sub registrar and

    10. Sub registrar given reply that in T.I.Order 30-11-2010 it is mention that entire land of adarsh nagar mentioning all
    revenue khasara No. 609 to 613 & 610/741 to 610/752 total area 7.09 hector donated to charitable trust
    therefore khasara No. 610/745 effected it is also mentioned that by the said order Mr. ABC & Mr. XYZ are bounded
    In personal meeting sub registrar accepting that Khasara No. 610/741 to 610/752 is wrongly mentioned in the
    order but I am fear of contempt of court therefore I am not doing registration till finalisation of suit. Whereas I am
    no concern with said T. I.order or any suit.

    Kindly advice

    yours sincerely

    Vivek Mehta

  5. Re: sub registrar refusing to register my sale deed

    please reply

  6. Re: sub registrar refusing to register my sale deed

    please help me


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