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    Unhappy BDA approval process

    I have booked a villa from a builder in Bangalore.
    The layout work hasn't started for the last 8 months as the BDA approval hasn't happened yet. The builder says that BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) approval is taking time. He says BDA conducts only 1 meeting every month and all builders approach BDA in that meeting. He keeps coming with excuses saying BDA is asking for some clarification, etc and then says now the issue can be addressed only next month's BDA meeting.
    In fact, last time the builder's excuse was that there was no BDA meeting at all in the month of Oct 08!!

    Can you pls help me with the correct info.

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    Dear Vineet Kumar, in this portal we focus our attention exclusively on RTI Act and related matters. Your problem has nothing to do with the BDA but only with the builder. Please visit our sister-site for help on non-RTI matters.

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