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  1. Patta for land

    hi RTI,

    we have a land which was purchased by my great grandmother in early 1920s for which patta is not available. This land is in chengalpattu (District in Tamil Nadu). When we approached the surveyor, they said the land is either police quaters and burial ground hence patta cannot be issued. The documents when purchased were registered legally and tranmitted to subsequent generation legally either by probabted will or purchase of land by registering and property tax is being paid till date. Hence I applied online petition via Welcome to Online Petition Filing to apply for patta. This has been routed to the Collector of Kancheepuram and then to the revenue officer. Now when anyone (either my mother or I) go to chengalpattu and ask about the status the officials just keep routing us in the wrong direction. if we go to revenue officer, he will ask us to go to registrar, inturn registrar will ask us to go to tasildhar or surveyor. Tasildhar will not be allowed to see. Tasildhar PA will tell he is out of town when his vehicle will be very much avialable. Now we don't know who to approach or what is the status of the petition which we submitted feb february 2012 in online. Kindly let us know how or whom we should approach in order to complete this. I'm also planning to visit chennai teynampet RTI office for further instruction on how to proceed on this.


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    Re: Patta for land

    Have you sent written reminders about the pending patta ?

    If yes, then follow the guidelines in this blog:

    You can file a RTI application with the PIO. Details of PIO will be available on the website of the organisation/department, under the "RTI" link. Or simply call that office and ask "Who is the PIO in your office under the RTI Act 2005. I want to file a RTI application." ?

    Your RTI Application has to be as per the RTI Rules and Fees for Tamil Nadu.
    These are available in the Guide section of the Portal: RTI Guide

    Please read the other articles in the Guide section as well as the links given in the FAQ here: RTI FAQ

    These will be of help to you during the RTI process.

    Please also read:

    Time limits specified in the RTI Act - Guide
    How to submit a RTI Application - Guide
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  3. Re: Patta for land

    Yes, We do have acknowledgement of receipt of letters we have sent repeatedly. Will follow the instruction and get back. Thanks so much.

  4. Re: Patta for land

    I feel very sorry! I don't want any action to be taken but just to keep everyone informed that everything is a waste. With RTI we can only request for information. IT should have been Request for Action (RTA). We submitted multiple petition to tasildhar, ASO, commissioner. We gave all those petitions only to find out nothing will work out. The town surveyor is looking at the EC document and telling that it is not mentioned whether its a nanjai or punjai (the type of land). He is finding fault in the govt issued document itself. And he confirmed that we will not get the patta and that we won't believe unless a higher official will tell it in writing. They also told that they cannot show the SLR copy (Survey land record) to us. If we ask in chegalpattu for SLR copy, they say its in kancheepuram. If you ask in kancheepuram, they say its in chengalpattu. Kancheepuram and chengalpattu is 45kms far away and we live in chennai which is 50kms far away. We are running behind this for the last 8months and utter failure. We gave a RTI to show the SLR. Kanchepuram officials said that they don't have the sLR and they will reply in writing via RTI, which we havn't received YET!. Our neighbours have patta and don't know how come they are unable to issue patta to us! and to our suprise they are telling that our land is not appearing in the town survey itself!!!!!!!! Then how come our neighbour has patta who is just inches away from our house.

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    Can anyone tell how to meet District Revenue Officer Kancheepuram Mr. S. R. Sudharsan?


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