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    Default Article: Anna, not the only one

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    We need few more Annas to eradicate corruption; As Anna himself told, Citizens shouldn't look or follow him to fight against corruption. We can do it by our own by objecting and reporting the unjust. Never say chalta hai to embolden corruption.

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    Well done guys!!!!

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    JAY HIND ..Good work.

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    It looks difficult to fight corruption because everywhere there is corruption .....

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    By the heart, we have to support anna hazare because the rulling party goes very much curupt.

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    Can you give any contact information about hari chandra arora sir?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipul Raat View Post
    By the heart, we have to support anna hazare because the rulling party goes very much curupt.
    Do you think others are very honest? Corruption is a social disease and one of the disadvantages of democratic governance. There is a general notion that public servants are only corrupt. There are 2 or more parties in a corrupt practice - both avail undue advantage! Then why only one is blamed. Who is nurturing corruption? Even if you go to the Post Office, the man in Queue may think of disposing off his transaction before the one in front of him. This attitude must change. It is the people who should take pledge and act to eradicate corruption. Corruption is a disease spread into the root of the social system. You cannot blame a government or political party in isolation. We have seen what happened to the biggest corruption episode of 2G. It was only a wild imagination of a few influential persons.

    Today, the biggest issue before our country is not Corruption as many of you may think. There is staggering unemployment situation. About 40 lakh graduate engineers in addition to million other educated youth are without job. Another 11 lakhs are being added every year. Policy stagnation for last 2 years has made very adverse impact on our economy. You must not try to Burn your house to kill the rat - the house may burn, but the rat may not die - it may escape.

    Our trade deficit with China alone is about $.13.3 billion in the current fiscal upto end of Oct-12. Preaching against corruption alone cannot improve the situation. Corruption is not the only issue before this great country. We must think about the millions of youth aspiring for job and a livelihood and their dreams cannot be shattered by a few who think themselves superior to others. We have to compete with business ventures across the globe to sustain our economic growth and development. So anything that you may do must be without hampering economic growth and development of our country.

    Satyameva Jayate सत्यमेव जयते

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