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Thread: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

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    TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    TNEB Recruit 600 Assitant Engineer (A.E) Selection list announced on 6th July 2012.The TNEB Minister and TNEB Chairman to Sale the A.E Post 14 to 16 Lakhs.Mostly we select only 2001 to 2006 Persons (The Old A.I.A.DM.K Govt Period).

    But we call for Interview from 1988 to 2000 through Employment Exchange, and 2001 to 2012 TNEB Apprenticeship Complete Persons.

    TNEB is Not consider the

    Employment Seniority.
    TNEB Apprenticeship Completion.
    Additional qualification.

    TNEB Consider Only 14 to 16 Lakhs Money for A.E Post. But we show the selection is purely mark percentage wise. But the selection list tells minimum percentage is 52% and maximum percentage is 91%.

    In every minimum and maximum percentage sufficient Candidate available and attend the interview in the entire category (FC/BC/MBC/SC/ST).

    From 1998 to Till Date, every 3 years the numbers of engg college increase, so how to calculate the percentage criteria in every year. Its vary to every year. After 2000 the engg college list increases it.

    The TNEB Chairman & Minister Decide only recruit fresher. Why we call the interview to 1988 to 2000 Batches.

    TNEB & Tamilnadu Govt Cheat (Looting) the recruitment procedure. Please close the executive employment exchange office. There is no use it is only data collection center.

    I attend the interview 6 th Time (the past 18 years), I complete TNEB Apprenticeship also. Seniority wise, department wise (Computer engg) and community wise (SC) I am the first persons. But I am not selected.

    In every time TNEB tells different, different story. Totally I depressed. Noone politician or political party or media (newspaper, magazine and TV Channels) not consider this.We consider only srilankan tamilan, president election, nithyanda and emu farms advertisement.

    I enclose TNEB Selection list details and go to google search it number of comments about this recruitment.

    I afraid about this government because unnecessary torture and disturbance raise it. So I mask I identity.
    Note Ė Suppose you want to fresher why you sit in the Minister and chairman chair and enjoy the corruption benefit.

    In whatever I tell it is not possible to cancel the recruitment. At the maximum minister and chairman resign it. But we donít bother about it. Both of them we collect not only 600 persons.

    The minister, MP, MLA, Local AIADMK Persons & EB Chair Persons collect nearly 2000 persons for different amount from 10 Lakhs to 16 Lakhs. we collect nearly 200 crores (Home,Land and Kadu vithu koduthu yemanthavan nearly 1400 peyar Iruppan)

    Next Teachers Recruitment,Group 4 and TNEB Technical Assistant (TA) Posting Irukku?

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    Re: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    Respected member of this forum, you may seek information concerned with your allegations from the PIO of department of T.N.E.B. under subsection 1 of section 6 of R.T.I. Act 2005 with request to made available sought information within stipulated time as specified under subsection 1 of section 7 of R.T.I. Act 2005. Hon'ble member this act has been broughtup to enhance transparency and accountability in the working of public authority. If any difficulty arises, contact this august discussion forum RTI INDIA where experts will provide proper guidance as required. You alleged that seniority was not considered , now seek the procedure under transparency act how seniority was taken under consideration during selection process. Similarly other informations, you will seek point-wise. After collecting relevant evidences , seek shelter in the court for appropriate remedy.

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    Re: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    Your query does not relate to RTI Act 2005 to which this portal is dedicated. We guide members to access information from govt. by using this law. For your benefit, please visit home page of this portal and success stories at Post your RTI Success here.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    Re: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    Thank you for Guidelines sir.I send RTI APPlication to TNEB and request for details of recruitment

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    Re: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    i send the question(RTI ACT 2005 Format) to TNEB Chairman and chief engineer last month.BUT still i am not receive the answer?

    bgh/bre;jpy;. BE.,ME.,M.B.A.,M.Phil.,(Mgt), MCSA, CCNA, CCSP, CCIE (Written), CCSA, CEH, ECSA, LPT;
    j/bg/ M/bghd;Drhkp.
    5/556-c neU bjU.
    fhkuh$;h; efh;.
    nryk; - 636 005/
    Mobile no: 94430 - 92562.


    kjpg;gpw;;Fhpa Iah mth;fSf;F.
    fle;j 06.07.2012 md;W kpd;thhpaj;jhy; (TNEB) btspaplg;gl;l @cjtpg; bghwpahsh;@ (Assistant Engineer) gl;oaypy;. cjtpg;bghwpahsh; neh;fhzypy; (Interview) fye;J bfhz;ltd; vd;w Kiwapy; vdf;F Vw;gLk; re;njf';fis (Doubts) j';fsJ epWtdk; btspg;gil mw;w jd;ik bfhz;Ls;sjhy; RTI Act 2005- d; mog;gilapy; vdJ Iag;ghLfis jPh;f;Fk; bghUl;L gpd;tUk; re;njf';fis ,izj;Js;nsd;/

    mjw;fhd fl;lzkhf Q/10/-f;fhd nfhh;l; tpy;iyfSk; ,izf;fg; gl;Ls;sJ/
    nkYk; ,J rk;ge;jkhf njitg;gLk; efy;fSf;fhd bjhifapid fl;lt[k; rk;kjpf;fpnwd;/

    ,lk; ~ nryk; ,g;gof;F.
    ehs ~

    j';fs; cz;ika[s;s

    1. TANGEDCO tpdhy; fle;j 06/07/2012 md;W btspaplg;gl;l cjtpg; bghwpahsh; gzp epakdj;jpw;fhf neh;Kfj; njh;tpy; fye;J bfhz;lth;fs; vj;jid ngh; Jiw thhpahf (Department wise) kw;Wk; mth;fspd; bgah; gl;oay; efy;
    2. neh;fhzy; vj;jid ,l';fspy; ele;jJ? xt;bthU ehSk; neh;fhzypy; fye;J bfhz;lth;fspd; vz;zpf;if vt;tst[?
    3. xt;bthU ehSk; neh;fhzy; elj;jg;gl;l fhy mst[ vt;tst[?
    4. xt;bthU egUf;Fk; vj;jid epkplk; neh;fhzYf;fhf xJf;fg;gl;lJ?
    5. neh;fhzy; gl;oaypy; ml';fpnahhpd; gy;fiyf;fHfj;jpdhy; mspf;fg;gl;l kjpg;bgz;fs; kw;Wk; mjd; efy;?
    6. neh;fhzy; gl;oaypy; ml;;';fpnahUf;F neh;fhzypd; nghJ tH';fg;gl;l kjpg;bgz;fs;. vjd; mog;gilapy; vd;gjw;fhd tpsf;f';fSk; Mjhu';fSk;?
    7. neh;fhzy; gl;oaypy; cs;sth;fspd; SCA / SC / ST / MBC / BC / BCM / OC nghd;wth;fspd; gl;oay; efy; Jiw thhpahf (Department wise)
    8. neh;fhzypd; nghJ eilKiwapy; cs;s Problem detecting, problem solving and Decsion making capabilities nghd;w HR eilKiwfs; gpd;gw;wg;gl;ljh? mt;thwhfpd; mjw;fhd Supportive Mtz';fs;
    9. fle;j neh;fhzypy; “Communal Rotation” gpd;gw;wg;gl;Ls;sjh? mt;thW ,Ug;gpd; ,e;ehs; tiu Vw;gl;l Backlog ,jpy; nrh;f;fg;gl;Ls;sjh/ ,J rk;ge;jkhd tpsf;f';fSk;. Mjhu';fSk; njit/
    10. neh;fhzypd; nghJ mij nkw;bfhz;lth; Computer / IT / Communication nghd;w Jiwfspd; ty;Yeuhf ,Ue;jhuh my;yJ gjtpapd; mog;gilapy; epakpf;fg; gl;lhuh? mt;thW ,Ug;gpd; mth; mt;tif gphptpy; vt;thW neh;fhzy; nkw;bfhz;lhh;?
    11. nkw;fz;l TANGEDCO epWtdj;jpy; vj;jid ngh; gzpg[hpfpd;wdh;/ mth;fspd; kdpjts';fs; Fwpj;J nkw;bfhs;Sk; CE/P kdpjts njh;r;rp bgw;wtuh mt;thW ,y;iy vdpy; nkw;fz;l epWtdk; mthpd; jFjpia vt;thW Vw;Wbfhz;lJ?
    12. njh;t[gl;oaypy; gy;ntW tUl';fspy; Koe;jth;fs; cs;sdh;/ mth;fspd; jFjpa[k;. jpwika[k; mstpl epWtdk; cj;njrpj;j tiut[fs; VnjDk; cz;lh? mjd; tHpfhl;Ljy; Fwpg;g[fs; kw;Wk; efy;/
    13. neh;fhzypd; nghJ fye;J bfhz;lth;fspd; mDgtk; (experience) rk;ge;jkhf VnjDk; kjpg;bgz; tH';fg;gl;ljh mjd; tHpKiw Fwpg;g[fs; kw;Wk; tHpfhl;Ljy;fs;/
    14. Computer & IT Department Jiw rk;ge;jg;gl;l vj;jid ngh; neh;fhzYf;F miHf;fg;gl;ldh;? mjpy; fye;J bfhz;lth;fspd; vz;zpf;if tUlk; thhpahf bgah;fs; kw;Wk; mjd; efy;fs;?
    15. jw;bghGJ Computer Department rk;ge;jkhd njh;thdth;fs; gw;wpa tptuk;/ mth;fs; fy;Y}hp Koj;j Mz;L. kjpg;bgz; tptuk; kw;Wk; Apprenticeship gapw;rp bgw;w Mz;L? (ntW VjhtJ jfty; ,Ug;gpd; mjidg;gw;wpa) KGefy; njit/
    16. njw;bjLf;fg;gl;l “Computer Department” rk;ge;jkhd egh;fs; neh;fhzy; elj;jpa ,lk; kw;Wk; njjp. neuk;/
    17. nkw;Twpa njh;e;bjLf;fg;gl;l “Computer Department” rk;ge;jkhd egh;fis neh;fhzy; bra;j eghpd; bgah; mtUila fy;tpj;jFjp. neh;fhzy; bra;;j egh; fk;;a{l;lh; Jiwapd; ty;Yeuh? gpwF ve;j mog;gilapy; kjpg;bgz; tH';fpdhh;?
    18. xt;bthU 5 Mz;Lk; Engineering fy;Y}hpfs; vz;zpf;if mjpfhpf;Fk; nghJk; (,Ukl';fhf) eP';fs; kw;Wk; vg;go vy;nyhiua[k; xnu juhRjl;oy; itf;fPwPh;fs;? 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2012 . . . . c';fsJ Tw;Wg;go 1985, 1995, 2005 k; Mz;L Koj;jth;fs; rkkh? ,jw;F VnjDk; tHpfhl;Ljy; Kiwia gpd;gw;wpndd; vd;why; mjw;fhd efy;/
    19. mDgtk; tha;e;jth;fs; (Experienced person) neh;fhzy; bra;j nghJ mth;fsJ bgah;. jha;. je;ij tptuk; mth;fs; jw;bghGJ bra;Jbfhz;L ,Uf;Fk; ntiyiag; gw;wpa tptuk; kw;Wk; Apprenticeship gzp bra;j ,lk; gw;wpa bghJthd nfs;tpia kl;Lk; jhd; vGg;gpdPh;fs;/ ,jw;F ve;j mog;gilapy; khh;f nghl;Oh;fs;?
    20. eP';fs; njh;e;bjLj;j Kiwia gw;wpa btspg;gilahd jd;ik gw;wpa efy; (Aggregate + Experience mark + Apprentice Mark + Employment Seniority + Additional Qualification) KGefy; njit/
    21. jkpH;ehL kpd;thhpak; Rahl;rp bgwg;gl;l FGkkh my;yJ mikr;RJiw rhh;e;jjh? jd;dhl;rp epWtdk; vd;why; njh;t[ Kiwapy; mikr;rUk;. mikr;rfKk; jiyapLtJ Vd; vd;gjw;fhd tpsf;f';fs; ,J Fwpj;J tHpfhl;Ljy; ,Ug;gpd; mjd; efy;/
    nkw;fz;l midj;J tpdhf;fSf;Fk; mjw;Fhpa efy; kw;Wk; tpsf;f';fs; njit/

    ,lk;~ j';fs; cz;ika[s;s.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    Your application contents are illegible.
    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Re: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    I send the 22 questions to TNEB for tneb A.E recruitment selection process but we give controversy answers i feel that. For example we are not considering experience. We treat all the persons are same (we call from interview 1989 to 2011 batch students). I hear the news some unattended interview persons are selected based on 17 Lakhs Money (Corruption).TNEB Created Forgery document. some questions we are not give the answers for Quoted RTI ACT F Rule.
    We easily prove that corruption follow this method from TNEB call letter dispatch date to till date the present selection candidate & family financial transaction enquire it we easily prove malpractice, but who can do that?
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    hi please list out u r Questions cearly
    and i want to raise RTI act

    Also please send me the advertising details for AE requirement.
    I am planning to applay petition with high court

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    Re: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    Hon'ble members - It seems that standard norm set up for selection process to a public authority was not followed. Please collect evidences through Right to Information Act 2005 first then file a suit against the authorities accountable for overlooking standard norm in order to gain pecuniary benefit illegally.

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    Re: TNEB 600 A.E.Recruitment Corruption Reg

    1. How many members attend TNEB Interview Department wise and Name List?
    2. How many place Interview is Conducted, Per day how many members attend the interview?
    3. In every day how many hours conducts the interview?
    4. In every Persons Interview Duration?
    5. How many interview marks give it interviewer? If any procedure follow that?
    6. Department wise and community wise interview attend person’s details.
    7. If any HR Activity followed like problem solving and decision making capabilities followed, give it supportive document?
    8. Backlog vacancies and communal rotation followed?
    9. if the interview conducted persons department wise skilled persons or experience wise conduct the interview?
    10. How many working in TANGEDCO. If CE/P Ability to HR Persons?
    11. Different year completing persons attend the interview. what procedure we follow it?
    12. If you give Any mark for experience?
    13. in every 5 year number of engg college increases how we calculate the percentage and treat the same manner.(1985-2011).is it correct procedure?
    14. give the recruitment procedure (Aggregate + Experience mark + Apprentice Mark + Employment Seniority + Additional Qualification).
    15. In interview you discuss only personnel details only. How you calculate the interview mark?
    All the Question I send it .i need proper document.

    The tneb gives the answers.
    I am not satisfying the answer.
    I pay the amount for Xerox document. waiting for reply.

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