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How to File RTI application for delay in Income Tax Refund

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  1. You should get refund order maximum within 12 months from end of financial year in which I.T. return is filed
  2. If you do not get refund as above submit by regd. ad post letter as per annexure A. with its enclosures.
  3. If no refund or reply is received within 30 days, file RTI application as per annexure B. Enclose IPO for Rs.10/- in the name of Accounts Officer, Income Tax Dept, Govt of India and made payable at the place of submission of RTI application. IPO is available at near-by post office. Also enclose photocopy of annexure A and its enclosures.
  4. If no action is taken within 35-40 days of mailing RTI application, file first appeal by referring here within next 35-40 days, contact local RTI activists for preferring second and final appeal to Central Information Commission, New Delhi. You may try yourself by referring here!
  5. Avoid visiting Income Tax Office. You may waste time, money and energy and will have unpleasant experience of govt. office ! Deal through regd/speed ad post. Avoid courier service.
  6. Retain photocopy of all papers sent to IT Dept. for future reference.
  7. Concerned Income Tax Assessing Officer is the CPIO of the ward.
  8. You can visit guidance.
  9. U can also refer the matter to Income Tax Ombudsman, details of which are on website mentioned at 8 above.
10. Please also try

Our experience shows that in most of the cases, only RTI application or indication that RTI application will follow, yields the result.

Your follow-up as above will benefit you and also improve the system of the dept so that other assesses will also get refunds in time.

All the good luck to you.

Download the Sample Form here for Income Tax Refund!

(from RTI India. info)
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  1. R K Garg's Avatar
    It is very difficult to proceed against a ITO particularly against ITO of our own ward but can we file an application with the Commissioner of Incoem Tax for knowing the latest position of refunds in their area.

    R K Garg
  2. jps50's Avatar
    Ultimately, the application will be redirected to CPIO/ITO of your ward under section 6 [3] if U are asking for your refund. However, if you are asking for general info relating to refunds under jurisdiction of CIT, you need to apply to CPIO of office of CIT. This may expedite refund process, including yours!
  3. jps50's Avatar
    In such a situation, why not request your one of the non-taxable friends to file application with CPIO of CIT office.
  4. amolg's Avatar
    I am not able to download the sample form. And where is Annexure A & B?
  5. Shrawan's Avatar
    Amolg Did you visit our sister site here
  6. Chandrakant Dixit's Avatar
    Thanks, the information is very useful. I definetlely feel most of the RTI users will find it very useful and will use it frequently. Since I was busy hence could not see the sight on 16th June. However sincerly wish all success in your work. I give my blessing for the hard work done by you.
    Chandrakant Dixit.
  7. karira's Avatar
    If one is a honest tax payer and pays his/her taxes correctly and on time, why do we need to be afraid of our ward/circle assessing officer ?

    Just as it is our duty to pay taxes, it is our right to claim refund of excess taxes paid or collected !
  8. ahujadc's Avatar
    Rti act is very usefull and i have derived many destinations from this many applications yet pending but i keep them chasing.dont hesitate to use this act.
  9. guptagirish1's Avatar
    Dear Sir,

    I am unable to download annexure A & Where is annexure B.
    Please help me as pdf file available above is corrupted.

  10. mail2mili's Avatar
    Hi Kushal,

    I have sent RTI to the CPIO last week, they have made a call to me today and told that my PAN no is not updated in the system,hence is the reason for not giving me my INCOME TAX refund amount.

    But my acknowledgment form itself is displaying the PAN no.She was not pretty clear what i should do, but told me this much to write an application to Bellary road Income tax office.

    Can you please guide me what should i do?
  11. vparale's Avatar

    I am not able to download form. Please help.

  12. Shrawan's Avatar
    If you are not able to download the form, kindly download it from our sister site here:
  13. VivekSinghJain's Avatar
    Above information is helpful, but a bit confusing.

    1.The text talks about Annexure A & B, but I don't find them anywhere. I also registered on your sister site and downloaded the form, but still no trace of Annexure A&B.

    2. The form downloaded from the sister website is different from the pdf attached on this page. Is the pdf the first mail to be sent to the ITO and the form from sister site, sent only when reply is not received for the first letter (the pdf here)?

    3. Is the form from your sister site to be sent if the reply to the letter (pdf attached here) is not received as your point 3 above talks about IPO and the form at your sister site has mention of IPO number etc?

    Please clarify these doubts. These are essential for me to be sure that I file a complete form, to avoid any further delays in getting my IT refunds,which are already too late.

    Awaiting quick response.

  14. Gnana Kumar's Avatar
    culd someone tell me where in are annexures A and B related to tax returns? i culdn't find them anywhere at all.

  15. joatmon's Avatar
    Annexure A (request_for_income_tax_refund.pdf) is what is attached in the original post of this blog.

    Annexure B (rti_applicaiton_income_tax_refund.pdf) is available in Click "Download" tab. Click "Sample RTI Application for Income Tax Refund" link. You will need to log-in ( requires separate credentials, not shared with to proceed further and agree to license agreement. (The final URL currently is
  16. bhattsp's Avatar
    Dear Sir,

    I have not Received my I T refund for AY 2007-08
    I just now Downloaded Annexure A & B... but similar to Annesure A - I have already submitted An Appliction to the ITO on 21.05.08 (with stamped acknowledgement)
    Then submitted application to the commissioner on 19.08.08
    No response still
    Can I now use Directly Annexure B form ?

  17. jps50's Avatar
    Yes, if U have exhausted normal reminders, pl do file RTI appln to expedite the matter as per annexture B.
  18. rajputster's Avatar
    I ma not able to view Annex-A request for income tax refund.pdf. It says that the adobe is corrupted.can you plesae prove an alternate link?
  19. tbadtiw's Avatar
    Does anyone have the address of PIO in pune to which the request for income tax refund should be directed? If yes, please let me know.
  20. jps50's Avatar
    Assessing officer is designated as CPIO of your ward. Hence address to CPIO of your ward where U submitted your return. U can read article HOW TO LOCATE A PIO in guide section [top right of this page]
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