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RTI Application for pending IT Refund

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In view of several CPIO's (assessing officers) of the IT Department denying information under some sections of the RTI Act, attached is the new format for RTI Application for pending IT refunds.

1. The RTI Application has to be addressed to the CPIO, who is the same as your assessing officer (ITO/AC) of your ward/circle where you filed your IT return, in which you claimed refund.
2. File separate RTI applications for different years - one application for each year
3. As per the "Citizens Charter" of the IT Department, they normally take 9 months to process and give refunds, as counted from the end of the month in which you submitted your return. There is no point in filing a RTI Application before nine months are over.
4. The Name and Address of the CPIO (assessing officer) can be obtained from:
Income Tax India
Please scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the State and hit the "Go" button.
The above page ONLY works with Internet Explorer. Do not use other browsers.
Once a new page opens, click on the CPIO/CAPIO tab (blue colour) available at the top of the page.
5. The IPO for Rs. 10.00 can be purchased from the nearest Post Office.
6. For guidance on how to submit your RTI Application, please read: How to submit a RTI Application - RTI Guide
7. The PIO has 30 days from the date he receives your RTI Application, to provide you the information.
Add another 5 or 10 days for postal delays.
8. If you do not get a reply from the PIO within 40 to 45 days from sending the RTI Application, it can be safely assumed that the PIO is not going to reply and provide you the information you sought.
This can be termed as "Deemed Denial" of information.
In such a case, immediately file a First Appeal for "deemed denial" of information.
9. The format for such a First Appeal is also attached to this post.
10. Details of the First Appellate Authority (FAA) can be obtained from the same website, from which you obtained the details of the CPIO. Generally, it is the Joint Commissioner or Chief Commissioner, of that particular Range to which your ward/circle belongs.
11. The First Appeal has to be filed within 60 days of the date of your RTI Application.

If you face any problems, please DO NOT post your query here, but in the main forum under the section "Ask for a RTI Query":

Our helpful members will guide you further.

Please also read:

Edit Update:
Many members have complained that the link of CPIOs on the IT web page does not open.
The CPIO is the same as your Assessing Officer of the Ward/Circle where you filed the IT return, in which you claimed refund. Generally it is the ITO or Asst. Commissioner.
Just address your RTI Application to:

The Central Public Information Officer (CPIO)
under the RTI Act 2005
Assessing Officer
Ward/Circle Nr. XXXX
........... (Postal Address)

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  1. vijayahlawat's Avatar
    what about my refund for the year 2007-08
  2. ragshyd's Avatar
    Nice and quick support.
  3. Rajesh vohra's Avatar
    IT Refund problem is qyuite common with all. I am also waiting for my Tax refund 2007-08. My CA has been telling me yet ITD Jaipur has not started giving refund.
    Will anybody guide me how long I should wait and then
    the easiest method to be used to get IT Refund.
  4. karira's Avatar

    Have you read this page before making this post ?
    Why do you still need anybody to guide you ?
  5. dinesh1178's Avatar
    For IT refund of 2007-08, you can file RTI application now as 9 months are over (I am aasuming that you have files your return in July 08).
  6. AmitKarmalkar's Avatar
    Hello ,

    My father does not get his IT return for 1995-96 aY 96-97, he has written to Income tax department Mumbai, also he has made filed grievance petition in 2008-09. But he did not get proper response. do you think that RTI will help him in getting return of 95-96.
  7. karira's Avatar
    RTI will help him with getting IT refund for any year.
  8. rashmisubu's Avatar
    what is an IPO Rs. we get in in any Post office?
  9. karira's Avatar
    IPO: Indian Postal Order
    You get it in any Post office.
  10. anand.sequeira's Avatar
    In the list of CPIOs on the Income Tax website, does the serial no. mean the circle/ward no. ? If my circle/ward is mentioned as 10(2) in the returns filed, how do I look up for the correct CPIO ? (Bangalore - Karnataka )
  11. karira's Avatar
    If you face any problems, please DO NOT post your query here, but in the main forum under the section "Ask for a RTI Query": RTI Community Support - Ask for RTI Query at
    No, there is a a ward number indicated. Please got through the whole list.
    If you already know your ward number (as available in yout IT return) just address the RTI application to:

    CPIO under the RTI Act 2005
    ITO or AC (as the case maybe) circle/ward xxxx
  12. NALIN MEHTA's Avatar

    Nalin Mehta
  13. pankajsingh's Avatar
    thank you so much
  14. Pradip Shah's Avatar
    good expanded information for all tax payer.
  15. shivaniya's Avatar
    I have tried the pdf as well as the doc option however the moment I open the file I cannot read the content written on the files. Is there any other website or link where I could access the RTI IT refund forms?

  16. amani's Avatar
    The part about browsers is wrong. The page Income Tax India works fine in Firefox
  17. karira's Avatar

    I just tried all the four attachments - all open fine. Pls try again


    This article was written in March 2009. Maybe the webmaster in the IT department also read it and made the website compatible with Firefox. If it is opening with firefox, all the more better.
  18. karira's Avatar

    The part about browsers is wrong. The page Income Tax India works fine in Firefox

    I just rechecked today, the page opens fine but try opening the list of CPIO's and FAA's - it only opens with IE.
  19. K C S Kutty's Avatar
    thank you very much Sir. I shall get back after sometime.
  20. Satbir Bhatia's Avatar
    Dear Sir,
    a Great HELP !
    Will shortly celebrate with you, once I got my money back.
    god bless You !
    Satbir Bhatia
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