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  1. Information Commissioner has no powers to punish for CONTEMPT OF COURT.

    In addition of above, they have no powers of arrest, seizure or imprisonment. Their powers are restricted to the provisions of section 20, applicable to the PIO only. And thus, Information Commissioner is comparable to appellate authorities such as I.T. Commissioner, S.T. Commissioner, and Human Right ...
  2. Media persons can remain present during the hearing of RTI

    Media persons and all bonafied citizens can remain present during the hearing of the proceedings and record them by device and report it on any fora. These are the fundamental rights. These rights may be temporarily suspended at specific instances if disturbance in any manner is deliberately caused. ...
    Guide to RTI
  3. Village panchayat administration,powers and functions-points for rti people

    Of late a good no.of new members are posting that they wanted to file RTi about their village and some ask what are FUNCTIONS of the Panchayat and Majority OF THEM ARE not aware clearly what are the FUNCTIONS/POWERS OF THE GRAMA PANCHAYAT and therefore I thought of POSTING A COMPREHENSIVE BLOG ON ...
  4. Hon'ble Gujarat High Court's order is not implemented.

    Hon'ble Gujarat High court had ordered to send all the letters/posts/notices to the parties concerned by RPAD only. I have requested the Gujarat Information Commission to implement this order strictly but no possitive result.Though i know that it is contempt of the court, but I am sorry to say that ...
  5. Unanswered threads for those who want to help others

    It was noticed that many of our members want to help others in the forum. To ease this, we have introduced a new feature from the top menu called 'Unanswered Threads' as seen below

    You can search for unanswered threads which has been posted ...
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  6. Information of unknown caller on mobile phone

    case of shri Hari Shankar Gupta numbering 2010/000138, Shri M.L.Sharma, central information commissioner hadIn a ordered to the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL) Kanpur to reveal the identity of the UNKNOWN CALLER.
    The Commission held,"it is to be noted that while the right of privacy is ...
  7. The literal interpretation of section 8(1)(j) of the Right to Information Act, 2005

    NOTE: From an email received from Advocate Mr Sundeep Jalan

    The literal interpretation of section 8(1)(j) of the Right to Information Act, 2005

    The Guide to explore the Article

    2.Coming to the interpretation
  8. Exempted organisation in Gujarat State

    The following intelligence and security organizations are exempted from providing information under RTI Act in Gujarat State.

    (1)state intelligence bureau.
    (2)criminal investigation department (CID Crime & Rlws)
    (3)anti terrorist squad(ATS)
    (4)commando unit ...
  9. Information of officers credentials

    If you doubt the competence of a particular government officer and feel that he may not be able to despense with his public duty in right earnest, you can demand his qualification, his experience certificate and even mode of appointment through RTI Act. The PIO can not deny to provide the information ...
  10. Fees refund: Should students sue education institutes and can they do so? Yes!

    Fees refund: Should students sue education institutes and can they do so? Yes!

    Students can sue for refund of fees - Moneylife

    DUSHYANT MAHANT | 18/06/2014 02:25 PM |

    Law is on the side of students who want to leave an institute or course mid-way and are seeking ...
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