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  1. fiduciary’ and ‘fiduciary relationship’

    PART 1
    fiduciarrelationship’ thus:
    “A relationship in which one person is under a duty to act for the benefit
    of the other on matters within the scope of the relationship. Fiduciary
    relationships – such as
    trustee-beneficiary, guardian-ward,
    agent-principal, ...
  2. RTI Complaint or RTI Second Appeal Which is more effective

    RTI Complaint or RTI Second Appeal
    Which is more effective

    RTI Appellants can use Section 18 to improve their chances of getting Public Information Officers (PIOs) penalized by sacrificing their demand for getting the requested information. A strictly legal interpretation of this ...
  3. RTI and Third Party Information

    RTI and Third Party Information: What Constitutes the Private and Public?
    The passing of the Right to Information Act, 2005 was seen as giving an empowering tool in the hands of the citizens of India, six years post its implementation, loopholes have surfaced with misuse of the many fundamental ...
  4. Does rti truly help ?


    Just back from the hearing of Non Compliance of SIC Order. In the hearing the PIO too was present, who expressed his inability to comply since the records are not available. In the previous order SIC had ordered the file to be reconstructed, the PIO of Building and Factory, ...
  5. About further payable fee


    The details of further payable fee should be indicated for each item and the methodology through which the same has been arrived at should also be communicated to the applicant. The applicant shall also be informed about the particulars of the appellate ...
  6. Difference Between Private and Deemed Universities.

    Deemed to be Universities are institutions which are not established as Universities through legislations, but which are declared as deemed to be universities as per Section 3 of the UGC Act.

    Section 3 of the UGC Act empowers the Central Government to declare by notification any such ...
  7. Loopholes in RTI Act


    1. No responsibility/accountability of the FAA

    2. No time limit for CIC/SIC to decide appeals

    3. Selection procedure for ICs and qualifications/criteria are very vague

    4. After SC judgment in State of Manipur case, ...
  8. Observation of Hon'ble Supreme Court in access to information.

    Observations of the Hon’ble Supreme Court on the
    Right to Information Act:-

    “At this juncture, it is necessary to clear some
    misconceptions about the RTI Act. The RTI Act provides
    access to all information that is available and existing.
    This is clear from ...
  9. Is RTI a toothless paper Tiger ?


    Right to Information sounds very good. A government official if avoids giving information will be penalized heavily sounds awesome to the ears. BUT, does it happen ? Is the system right from the SPIO to CIC/SIC in all the states hand in glove to avoid giving information ? ...
  10. Appeal to the Courts.

    If any RTI applicant is not satisfied with the decision of the State Information Commission/Central Information Commission, applicant can file an appeal in the State High Court or the Supreme Court. The RTI Act specifically bars the courts from considering any suit, application or any proceeding made ...

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