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A Circular No. CSD-IV/epfigns/cer/2010/3576 dated 03/05 May 2010 (can be viewed at is issued by Employee Provident Fund Organization (Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt of India) in relation to implementation to EPFiGMS. This circular is issued by the Central Provident Fund Commissioner to Additional / Regional Provident Fund Commissioners and related officers.

OBJECTIVE :-To provide a single window platform that is able to record, acknowledge, track/ monitor grievance until its final redressal.


  • Convenience to register the grievance or queries of subscribers I No spatial or temporal restriction involved.
  • Access to the system from anywhere
  • Paper Grievances can also be addressed.
  • Helpful to field officers in managing the grievance.
  • Tracking the movement of Registered grievance, to any of the office to which it is related


  • Registration can be done directly by the subscriber online or
  • Paper Grievance received locally in field office have to be mandatorily registered in the EPFiGMS or
  • Grievance can also be registered through the facilitation centre or the PRO of each field office
  • On registration of Grievance a Unique Registration Number is generated.
  • Ownership of grievance lies with the office which has generated the grievance.
  • Timeframe of 30 days for each office for redressal of grievance of grievance.
  • If grievance, not attended then escalated to next higher authority, and subordinate officer answerable for lapse.
  • Maximum time frame to a field officer for redressal / reply of grievance is 30 days from receipt
  • If grievance, not attended then escalated to next higher authority, and subordinate officer answerable for lapse
  • System allows handling of griev*ance involving two or more office e.g. transfer of pension cases where one office can handle only partial redressal and remaining needs to be done by other office


  • It may be ensured System is not bypassed in handling local grievances.
  • Necessary Logistic support is provided in each office.
  • Facilitation Center/PRO of each office is equipped with system for registration of grievance of visiting subscribers.
  • For effective implementation, the operation is performed under the supervision of officer in charge/ Nodal Grievance Officer.
  • A detailed standard operating procedure is available for information and guidelines.


Designated Nodal grievance officers are as follows

  • ACC Zone–Nodal Grievance officer for entire zone
  • RPFC-I (In charge of Region)-Nodal Grievance officer for entire region
  • Officer-In-Charge SRO-Nodal Grievance Officer for entire SRO

I have personally submitted query to checked the status of the Balance in my provident account on 05 July 2010 and on 09 July reply was posted online, which I checked by tracking it on the EPFiGMS. It is a very good scheme for all PF subscribers and every one shuld make good use of it.

One can visit the EPFiGMS at Home Page



  1. ramesh107's Avatar
    There's a very annoying problem in EPFiGMS.
    The grievance cannot be submitted if description box has more than (approx.) 500 characters while the label says the limit is 5000 characters. On clicking "submit" there is no action or error message.
    I initially thought that it is a temporary problem and kept trying for many days. Today, I experimented by shortening the description and finally the grievance got submitted.
    Also, be careful while typing the password during registration, the validation is not proper. It accepts '!' in the password, but later when you want to see the status of the grievance, the password field will not accept '!'.
  2. taurus's Avatar
    You have stated that you checked your balance in the EPF through this system. I am glad to hear that. Did you get the balance as on 31/3/2010 or as on date say, 05/7/2010 or any other date? I am curious to know that.
  3. NISHAKAUSHIK's Avatar
    I worked in Hewitt Associate Ltd. Gurgaon,till date I don't received pf amt,submitted as 11-Oct-17 in North PF Pf is DLCPM15641830000012130.Request you,pls help for withdraw
    Nisha Kaushik(9711198435)


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