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EPF - transfer or withdraw.

Rights of employees under the epf scheme

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Each member of the EPF have many rights as provided under the EPF Act and Scheme.

  • Right to membership of PF, Pension and EDLI Schemes for every employee of covered establishment drawing monthly Basic pay and D.A. upto Rs.6500/-
  • To receive Annual Statement of Provident Fund account by 30th September of the following year.
  • To obtain claim form free of cost from any Provident Fund Office.
  • To obtain assistance/guidance from Public Relations Officers in filling up of forms.
  • To submit claim applications in any office of EPFO and obtain acknowledgement.
  • To get Partial Withdrawals settled within a maximum period of 30 days for specified purposes on its receipt in full shape.
  • To get claim of Final Withdrawals settled within 30 days from the date of submission of claim in full shape.
  • To get the accumulations transferred to your new account within 30 days on change of employment.
  • To execute nomination for receiving provident fund accumulations/pension.
  • To register grievance and get redressal.
  • To approach officer-in-charge of any office for redressal of grievance without prior appointment.
  • To receive guaranteed monthly payment of pension even in case of non- payment of dues by employer.
  • To receive provident fund dues from Special Reserve Fund:
    • In case of non-payment by employer of contribution deducted from wages.
    • In case of non-payment by the employer of establishment closed for more than 5 years.
    • In case of fraudulent withdrawal from your account.<!--EndFragment-->

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  1. geeshal's Avatar
    want to withdraw money from my epf could you pls suggest me from where i should start?i have my epf a/c no and a/c no is of delhi.
  2. taurus's Avatar
    Please see my blog in this link - It contains all details.
  3. ajaylotanthakur's Avatar
    I m working in 3rd company in my carrier. 2 companies were in bangalore and third company is in pune. I have got PF statement from 1st company. I have not yet received any statement from 2nd & 3rd company. In this regard, can you please suggest me how can I get all my money systematically?
    I want to see all my money in latest company PF account or at least withdraw PF from previous 2 companies. Main problem is every company opens new PF account and then they file PF transfer request. So we are never sure about PF transfer as we dont get statements.

    thanks in advance.

  4. taurus's Avatar
    You have to apply for transfer of your previous two accounts to the present EPF account you are having with the 3rd company. Please go through the blog - That will give you the details of the procedure. On transfer of your amount, the RPFC concerned will send you a copy of the Annexure K which contains the details of the amount transferred. That is how you can know whether and when your account has been transferred.
  5. tdast's Avatar
    After going through all the posts/replies, I'm unable to find solution to my peculiar problem. Please help me.
    I worked in a company in Noida for 4 years and left the job and joined another company in Noida. In the second company, I filled up the form 13 for PF transfer, but due to some reason, I left the second job without formal resignation process. Now I have joined another company in Bangalore.
    Note - I'm aware of PF account details of the first company but donot know any details of my PF account in the 2nd company. I approached the 2nd company, but they refused to give any details.
    Now my queries are -
    (1) Can I apply for PF transfer (Form 13) in the third company from first company ?
    (2) What are my other options in this scenario ?
    Thanks in Advance
  6. taurus's Avatar
    1. Yes. You can apple for transfer from first to third company.
    2. You can also approach the EPFO local office under which the second company is covered and complain to the concerned Regional Provident Fund Commissioner that the company is not helping you transfer the amount. The RPFC is duty bound to help you in this regard. He will ensure that the amount is duly transferred.
  7. Baagi's Avatar
    I worked in company A. After 3 years l left, joined company B(after 7 months gap) and opted for PF transfer. After 1 yr followup with company A, the transfer papers got submitted to the PF office (by my present employer B) 2 months back and I received the acknowledgement. However, the transfer is not yet completed. The PF online website does not show any status for my account.
    Now, I am leaving Company B to join company C and the PF transfer from A is still in progress.
    -What will happen in this case?
    -How can I transfer my PF to company C while it is already under process?
    -What will be the implications of this?
    -Is there an alternate procedure to get back my PF money?
    -Should I apply for PF transfer of company B to new company C? Then, what will happen to OF of company A?
    -What are your suggestions?
    -What is the best way to deal with this?

  8. taurus's Avatar
    Since you have already applied for transferring the balance in account A to that of account B, it will materialize sooner or later. You can now apply for transfer from B to C. When it is transferred the entire amount of A and B together will come to C. But all this will require vigorous follow up.
  9. Baagi's Avatar
    Tauras, I just got to know today that the PF transfer of A to B got stuck. RPFO office requested for some information from B. Since, I have already joined new company C, what should I do now?
    - Company B is asking if I would like to get transfer of both A & B together. In this reference, what is the right thing to do?
    - Can I apply for transfer of both A & B with new company C?
    - Can I initiate the entire transfer of process of A freshly again with new company C? Is that advisable?

    Please advise!

  10. taurus's Avatar
    You can tell them to transfer both A & B together to C. Otherwise there may be lot of confusions. B may be transferred to C first. Then A will come to B but see no slot to get accommodated. B may not take the responsibility to separately transfer A to C. To avoid all this better ask B to transfer both A & B together to C.
  11. Baagi's Avatar
    I have initiated the transfer process at my current company.When I enquired with them if transfer has been completed,they sent me an acknowledgement which they received&have informed that they would not be responsible or would know if the transfer has been completed.& suggested me to reach out to the PF office directly.I tried getting the status by checking online using my both previous PF account numbers & it showed no result found.Later I tried checking using my current PF account & it said "Your transfer in details for crediting new account has been received and the same is under process".
    - Could you please help me understand what this means?
    - How would I know if the both PFs got added to my current account?
    - Will there be any intimation sent to me or my employer?
    - How would I know that the exact/correct amount got transferred without any discrepancy?Till date, I have not received any kind of PF statements from any of my employers & not sure how much amount got accumulated
  12. taurus's Avatar
    1. It means that the details of amounts to be transferred has been received at the current EPFO office and the same is being processed. It may take about a month to finalise.
    2. & 3. You will get an intimation from the EPFO about the amout transferred.
    4. The amounts transferred will also be reflected in the next annual accounts statement issued to you by the EPFO. You can check that up with your own calculations.
    It is a serious matter that till date you have not received any EPF statment whatsoever so far from any of your employers. Please lodge a complaint with the concerned RPFC and ask for a copy of the statements ( even previous years'). You may also resort to RTI to get a copy of your ledger account as maintained by the RPFC.
  13. Baagi's Avatar
    Thats Great... Thanks a bunch for providing me the info. Could you please help me out with the below aspects as well:

    1. How to raise a complaint on copy of statements? Should these be raised to my previous old employer RPFC's(now that the transfer has begun) or should I raise it with current employer(RPFC). What is the process, whom to address, what needs to dicussed etc?
    2. How should I raise the request to RTI to get a copy of ledger account. Again, with whose RPFC should I raise to?


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