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  1. What Procedure to Follow? No, not all the time. Once I received the...

    No, not all the time.
    Once I received the decision on the same day(I waited at CIC till evening). Some times decision did not appear in website even after one month of hearing.

    In some of the...
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    RTI General Question: Re: Information under section 4(1)(b) on internet

    Enough regarding what?

    So far as dissemination of information is concerned, that (4(1)(b)) is NOT just the minimum devoir of PA, but a mandatory provision.

    U/s 4(2), of the Act, the PA has to...
  3. Re: Can a Government servant file an RTI application to seek information from the public authority where he himself is employed?

    Hon'ble members have already analysed the dispiriting judgement. There is no room left to add more.

    I completely agree with the members.

    As said by G.R.Vidyaranya ji, unless challenged, it will...
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    Re: How to file First Appeal


    Before going for 1st appeal after 30 days of application,

    1) Chk whether you hv allowed enough time for postal communication (both ways, normally 10 to 12 days)

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