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    Centre/State RTI Rules and Fees


    [as amended on 22-03-2010]


    The rules provide for a format for application under RTI Act called Form-A, which is attached herewith.

    2. FEES:

    A]. Application fee: Rs.20/- to be paid by cash wherever facility for cash receipt is available or by demand draft or by bank’s pay order or in the form of Non-Judicial stamp or Non Judicial Stamp Paper or stamping through franking or Electronic stamping or Court fee stamp or Judicial stamp paper or Indian postal order [IPO] or revenue stamp Applicants holding BPL card/certificate need not pay application fee.
    Payment by IPO, or affixing court fee stamp [available near courts], non-judicial stamp [franking at selected banks]or revenue stamp [from post office] are recommended.. All stamps mentioned here are also available at Head Post Offices in Gujarat.

    B]. Other charges: Information in A-3 or A-4 size paper….Rs.2 per page, Large size: actual cost, publications: actual cost. CD: Rs.50/- per CD. Inspection: Rs.20/- each half-hour with first half hour free or as prescribed in rules of dept. These charges can be paid in cash wherever facility for cash receipt is available or by demand draft or by bank’s pay order or by Indian postal order. Holders of BPL card/certificate are exempted. [Payment by IPO is advisable.]

    C] Payee: Demand draft or bank’s pay order or IPO should be crossed and made payable to “Govt. of Gujarat” in case of govt. dept/office. In case of others, name of payee shall be name of undertaking/institution e.g. Junagadh Agriculture University or Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, Junagadh Municipal Corporation etc. DD or bank’s pay order or IPO should be made payable at the place where application is being submitted.

    3. APPEALS:

    Rules provide for format for first appeal [Format – E]. For second appeal/complaint no format is prescribed but provides that vital details of case be submitted to State Information Commission. No fees are charged for appeals.
    Formats for appeals/complaint are annexed.

    Amended GR dated 22-03-2010 is posted at

    4. Address of Gujarat Information Commission:

    The State Chief Information Commissioner,
    1st floor, Bureau of Eco and Statistics Bldg,
    Sector 18, Gandhinagar-382018 [Gujarat].

    Contact details: Phone: 079-23252706,
    Website of the commission: www.

    5. NGO active in Gujarat for RTI
    Mahiti Adhikar Gujarat Pahel, Ahmedabad
    Helpline Nos: 9924085000, 079-26821553

    Gujarat State Format for RTI Application:

    Right to Information Act, 2005

    FORM A [See rule 3(1) ]
    Application for obtaining information

    Date: ___________ Place _______ By regd/speed post ad.

    Public Information Officer
    (Name of Public Authority / Department / Office)



    I want to obtain following information from you under the Right to Information Act, 2005. The details are as under.

    1. Applicant's Name:

    2. Address of the applicant [with phone/mobile No. if any]:

    3. Information required [with duration/period]:

    4. I enclose herewith crossed Indian Postal Order for application fees. The details are as under:

    Number: ________Date: ______Issuing post office: _____

    Drawn in favour of: ______________ Amount: Rs.20/-


    Non-judicial stamp / court fee stamp / revenue stamp of Rs.20/-. is affixed on this application.


    I hereby declare that I belong to B.P.L. family as on date of application and I enclose herewith certified copy / true copy of B.P.L card or certified copy / true copy of certificate for B.P.L. Therefore I have not paid application fee.

    5. I hereby declare that I am a Citizen of India. Self attested photocopy of voter card/ ration card/ driving licence/pass port/PAN card is attached for citizenship proof.

    6. I hereby declare that above details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Signature of applicant:


    Right to Information Act, 2005
    First Appeal - FORM E [Sec rule 6 (I)]

    Date: _______ Place _________ By regd/speed ad post

    Appellate Authority
    (Name of Public Authority/ Dept/ Office)


    As I have not received any decision /As I am aggrieved by the decision of the Public Information Officer [Public Information Officer] dated ______, I hereby file this first appeal under section 19(1) of the RTI Act, 2005. The particulars of my appeal are as under:

    1. Name of the appellant:

    2 Whether the appellant belongs to BPL: YES / NO.

    3. Address of appellant [with phone/mobile No.]:

    4. (A) Name/Designation of the Public Information Officer:

    (B). Public Authority / Department / Office and address:

    (C) Particulars of decision against which the appeal is preferred including the No. & Date of such decision.

    Letter No. _______ dated ________ [photocopy enclosed]

    5. Date of application submitted to Public Information Officer:

    6. Details of Information:

    (1) Information asked for: as per attached application dated ____

    (2) Period for which information is sought:

    as per attached application dated ______

    7. Date of completion of 30 days after submitting application to the Public Information Officer:

    8. Reasons for Appeal:

    (A)No decision is received within 30 days of submission of application to Public Information Officer: YES/NO

    (B) Aggrieved by the decision of Public Information Officer: YES/NO

    9. Ground for appeal.

    10. Last date for filing the appeal:

    11. Reasons for delay (if any) in filing the appeal beyond the prescribed time limit.

    12. Prayer/ reliefs sought for:

    I hereby state that the information and particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Signature of appellant

    Gujarat State suggested format for second appeal/complaint:



    Under The Right to Information Act 2005


    By speed post AD

    State Chief Information Commissioner, Bureau of Eco and Statistics Bldg, 1st floor
    Sector 18, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382018.

    Hon’ble Sir,

    As I have not received any decision/As I am aggrieved by the decision of the Public Information Officer & First Appellate Authority [First Appellate Authority], I here by file this second appeal/complaint for your kind consideration. The particulars are as under:

    (1) Name of the Appellant/complainant:

    (2) Address of Appellant/complainant [with phone No. if any]:

    (3) Name/designation and address of Public Information Officer:

    Letter No. and date of decision if received:

    (4) Name/designation and address of the First Appellate Authority:

    Letter No. and date of decision, if received:

    (5) Date of receipt of order of First Appellate Authority:

    (6) Last date for filing the appeal, with reasons for delay if any:

    (7) Particulars of information sought:

    as per enclosed RTI application

    (8) Brief facts/ background:

    (9) Grounds for appeal/complaint:


    A] Information sought be ordered to be supplied immediately by registered post at my address, free of cost.

    B] Public Information Officer be advised to permit inspection of record, as requested by me. [if applicable]

    C] Penalty as per RTI act be imposed on Public Information Officer. [Please do refer judgement dated 28-04-2009 of hon’ble High Court of Delhi in W.P. (C) 3845/2007: MUJIBUR REHMAN v/s CIC]

    D] I should be fully compensated for not supplying information in prescribed time limit and breach of my right.

    E] Disciplinary action be ordered to be initiated for not complying with the law against Public Information Officer & First Appellate Authority.

    F] Public Authority be ordered to reimburse traveling, lodging, boarding expenses incurred by me for attending hearing amounting to Rs.____

    G] Any other order or relief as deemed fit by Hon’ble Commission.

    (11) Enclosures: Self attested photocopies of following documents:

    A. Application in form A dated________ with its enclosures if any, B. Reply dated ________of Public Information Officer if received, C. First Appeal dated ________, D. Reply dated_______ to first appeal, if received, E. Postal proof of posting/acknowledgements of Form A and first appeal.

    (12) Personal hearing attendance: Yes/No

    (13). Verification: I the undersigned hereby state that the information and particulars given here-in-above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Signature of Appellant/Complainant
    Attached Files
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