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    · Address 1: Emgineers Hostel 2, Near Golchakkar, Dhurwa, Ranchi - 834004
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    Details of JCIC:
    • State Chief Information Commissioner

      Justice (Retd.) D. K. Sinha
      Tel: 09431364947

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    · State Information Commissioners

    (please see attached document)

    Application Format:

    No application format or First Appeal format is prescribed.

    FEES for Public Authorities under the Jharkhand RTI Rules:

    Application Fee (Sec 6(1))
    • Rs. 10.00

    Fees to be paid by Cash, Bankers Cheque, Demand Draft

    Further Fees (Sec 7(1), 7(3), 7(5))
    • Rs. 2.00 for each page created or copied (A3 or A4 size)
    • Actual charge or cost price in larger size paper
    • Actual cost or price for samples and models
    • Rs. 50.00 for each Floppy
    • Rs. 100.00 for CD
    • Rs. 200 for DVD
    • As per price fixed for the Publication available for sale, or photocopy charges of Rs. 2.00 per page
    • First hour of inspection is free and Rs. 5.00 for each subsequent 15 minutes or fraction thereof

    (Note: The original GO's are available at: )

    Second Appeal Rules & Procedure:

    The Second Appeal to The Jharkhand State Information Commission (JSIC) has to be as per guidelines available :

    Useful website for obtaining details of SPIO’s in Jharkhand Government:

    Jharkhand PIO list:

    Jharkhand Web Portal:
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