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A. S. Bhasker Raj
Journalist, Freelance writer and Author
Contributing articles to leading magazines and newspapers.
My interests is in the technology (IT segment) and keeping in touch with the developments.
So far I filed 10 R.T.I.s
Retired Bank officer having MBA,CAIIB .Initiated a few RTI activities with RBI etc
Abdul Rub Shaikh
Has been active in revealing a fraud by one of the Adjunct Faculty Professor in the University of Mumbai, cheating the students as well as the University. Unfortunately, in spite of black and white proof, the University of Mumbai has failed to take any firm action. I have, therefore, referred the matter to the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Mumbai for their further consideration and action.
Abhijit Dabhekar
I am from IT industry. I have done degree in Computer engineering. Along with working in IT industry, I am also part of some social activities.
Abhijit r patwa ichalkaranji
Files rti application for diffrent offices more than 500 types
Abhilash Mohabey
I was in need of LPG (Household) Gas Connection, in the year 2008 in Chennai, As I was from other state, dealer was creating hell lot of problem even after submitting all the required documents, later after 3 months, I checked the RTI site and got all the information about the hierarchy of the senior manager from the RTI site, mailed them the issues and later I received surprising treatment in the dealer's office and I got the LPG gas connection without any further delays, which I am still using.

I started helping people if they are in any kind of Consumer related problems. RTI really helps.
From my childhood i have done my possible work to educate the coastal children in my locality.A strong educational background with University rank and a stronger heart and mind to help the needy...
Abhishek Aneja
New Delhi
I am a Chartered Accountant by practice and also hold degree in Law. I have successfully filed various Applications and appeals for seeking information under the RTI Act, 2005 from various Government authorities including the Income Tax Department and various other Authorities.
Abhishesh kashyap
Had won several debates. Fluent and have proficiency in English. had won many essay and writing competition along with quiz competitions etc
Adbhut Kumar Rai
I was able to get the information from different government department that initially refused to give. The Departments include UP Police department, UP Forest Department, EPF India office as well as UP revenue board. It was a great learning in the process. It was also required a lot of patience and courage. I was able to achieve this. Some of the information that I have accessed ultimately became change in UP Police in complete state. Some of the information that I have forced some people to follow the legal and right way to do the things.
Wanaparthy, Pebbair
We broke the GP fund abusing
practicing lawyer in civil courts and expert in corporate laws, taxation and statutory laws
Advocate Govind Goyal
I am a Lawyer, In addition to this, I provide Free Legal Aid To Poor & Downtrodden. http://www.thelegaladvice.com/
You can contact me for the following:

Here are the examples of certain Legal issues which will be dealt via me:
· How, When and Where to institute a suit for the infringement of a Legal Right.
· What is the Limitation Period for filing a case/suit and how that period of limitation can be extended.
· Service matter related suits/cases e.g. firing and hiring by company, salary release and increase problems, getting back the dues from the company after resigning or being dismissed and service bond/agreement and promotion related problems.
· Difference between the rights and liabilities of an unregistered and registered Firm or Company.
· Recovery Suits to recover the given loan or any other amount worth recoverable either from a public or private person.
· Permanent Injunction/ Stay Matters and Mandatory Injunction Suit.
· Suits for the Specific performance of a contract.
· Rent Matters.
· Title Disputes of Properties Immovable and Movable both inclusive.
· Partition suits of the Ancestral property including issues regarding Will/ Testamentary Successions.
· Declaratory Suits for the declaration of any Legal Right.
· How and when to file a Counter-Claim or Set-Off in a suit.
· House allotment Schemes of the Government under Re-rehabilitation Programmes.
· Land Acquisition Policies of the government and compensation to the owner of the Land.
· Interpleader Suits.
· Right to file Writs in the Hon'ble High Court.
· Consumer Rights protection issues.
· Right to Information.
· Labour Court and Central Administrative Tribunal Related issues.
· Registration of a document and problems relating the same.
· Free Legal Aid And Mediation &Conciliation Under Section 89 CPC.
· Marriage disputes, Family Disputes, Custody of the child, Adoption of the Child, Domestic Violence and Maintenance from Husband, Dowry Demand, Cruelty, Bigamy, Divorce.
· How to file a criminal complaint and right to get the FIR registered through court under section 156(3) Cr.P.C.
· Right to get Bail and to be represented by an advocate during remand hours.
· Crime,investigation and prosecution related issues.
· Motor Vehicle/Traffic Challans and fines thereon and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.
· Crime against Women and Child specially Sexual Crimes.
· Defamation as a criminal and civil issue.
· Gender Issues i.e Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders.
· How to file appeal against any Conviction order and on what ground and right to get Bail under Section 389 Cr.P.C. pending appeal.
· And Many More…

In Today's environments, due to lack of information of Legal Knowledge, common issues become so dangerous that becomes difficult to handle and to get the honest opinion about the common problems and this soon lead aggravation of the problem in to disaster, So, Hurry up & share you story here, and get the best solution of your problem.
Update your awareness about particular legal issues that is affecting your daily life.
All The very best.
Advocate K.P.Boda
Bhayander, Thane.
Ad. K.P.Boda, B.A.,LL.B.(University Of Mumbai).
Languages known. Spoken and Written. English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi.
Retired from the Post of Registrar, from an educational institution in Mumbai and the portfolio handled was legal matters of the institutions run by the trust.
Presently also on the penal of local educational institutions as visiting faculty in the subject of RTI/Consumer Law for under graduate self financial courses.
Also holding diploma in Yoga from University of Mumbai.

legal Giving honorary services to NGOs working for street children and women welfare.
Advocate Rajesh Nedumprom
Recieptiant of Niyama Sahaya Vedi Award in 2012
advocate soban singh rawat
Advocate T. Kesavan
I am a Advocate, Facebook RTI User forum group admin and Tamil Nadu - Alandur Constituency DMK Law wing Secretary,RTI training as well as RTI awareness program in Tamil Nadu
New Delhi & Bihar
I am a trained journalist, documentary & film maker and an RTI activist with an MA in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI). I have more than seven years of combined experience (2005-2013) in community service, activism, film making, fact finding and research on media and RTI. My work as a journalist and RTI activist has received national recognition and won more than four awards in last three years. Along with a published monograph on “RTI Act and Media” and three more forthcoming, I have extensively published in print newspapers and online news and views portals. I have worked for the broadcast media TV-9, South Asia based news agency UNI, leading Hindi newspaper Hindustan of Hindustan Times Group and have been a regular columnist for leading Urdu newspapers including Inquilab and Asia Express. My writings have covered the challenges and issues of the minority community with a special focus on their socio-economic and political empowerment. I have filed more than five thousand RTIs and have received several important documents in response. Since 2005 I have written more than 1000 opinion and RTI based articles for newspapers, websites and magazines in all three languages of Hindi, Urdu and English. I have made several documentaries and films. My award winning film “Eidiyaan” has been screened at more than 8 film festivals throughout India.

Awards and Achievements:

1. Person of the Year-2010 by Twocircles.net (TCN), Boston, USA and Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt of India.
2. AGRI Youth Icon & Journalist of Year-2010 by AGRI Mumbai.
3. Awarded by Universal Knowledge Trust, in appreciation of Extra-ordinary community service in 2011.
4. Excellence Award-2011 by Society for Promotion of Professional Academic and Cultural Excellence and Vivekananda International Foundation.
5. Felicitated by TCN in 2011 at Taj President, Mumbai.
6. Idrisia Award-2012 by Idrisia National Foundation.
7. Felicitated by AMU Student Union in 2012 at Kenedy Hall, AMU, Aligarh.
8. Felicitated by Solidarity & SIO in 2012 at Difference & Democracy Conference in Ernakulam, Kerela.

60 comments on “RTI Activist Directory
  1. Madhusudhan Tadinada says:

    Where to search cotact details of Mr. Sheetal -Rti Activist from Marredpally, Secunderabad ??? guide me please.

  2. Madhusudhan Tadinada says:


  3. sravss says:

    I’m Sravanthi, I just heard about RTI Act and want to know some information from GHMC roads maintenance. I stay in Hyderabad.

    Here I want to know in general

    1. From where do you find the link whom to address on any topic. And
    even the postal address.( searched in RTI website but the links are not
    working showing as error)

    2. I was told that we need to enclose Rs 10 postal order, fine that is convenient for me.

    3. I want to know do we need to enclose any other amount to receive
    the needed reply by post, if yes how much. Apart from the above amounts do we need
    to enclose any other amount.

    Please help me I want to file a RTI but not able to as I have the above doubts.

    Thanking You,

    • Sudhakar says:

      You can go to the website of the department or office from where you need the information. There would normally be a link giving the name of the public information officer. Address your application to the public info officer attach a rupee 10/- postal older and point wise ask for information that you need. The PIO would inform you about the money that you have to pay for the information. You pay that and get ur information. If the name of the PIO is not available write to the head of the organisation with the postal orders. You can give the application to the the designated post offices also. You would get the receipt and the application would reach that addressee PIO without any postal charges.

  4. Madhusudhan Tadinada says:

    HELLO ALL ! Can any body Share me a list of RTI activists in Hyderabad to my facebook personal message OR to my mail id Thanks a lot for help. Best of luck to all.

  5. Madhusudhan Tadinada says:

    Dear “Dhirendra Prasad ji RTI Activist ” , yesterday Isrent you aquiry for help reg. a cheating case and forgery in will… I want to asscertain the date of issue of a stamp paper used to draft a forged will………….. Will anybody give me alist of RTI Activists from HYDERABAD…. which will be easier to pursue the issue ??? Thank you all who are connected with this page.

  6. FamilyMan Rajesh says:

    Dear Elias Abdul Zalil, Kindly help us , harassed husbands whose wife when earning more than us are filing false Domestic Violence cases mentioning they are living on streets to extort money in out of court settlements.

    Though there is CIC judgement to get information from IT & PF depts regarding their income, both depts are sulking to give information to husbands even when the case details (public interest proved) are given.

    Kindly help us

  7. Madhusudhan Tadinada says:

    Dear Dhirendra Prasad ji, I am a victim ofcheating and fraud by a distant relative… at Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh.. I will brief it here.:- my distant relative had fabricated a post dated will,favoring himself, after expiry of my brother in law and forged my dead brother in law’s signatures .The signatures have beer got tested by me, at a Forensic Laboratoy (Truth Labs), Hyderabad and the signature was found to be fake…………… Now Iwant to prove that the stamp papers used for fabricating the will were purchased much after the expiry date (4th december 2007) of my brother in law. this may be got verified from Nasik Or District stamp officer …… I dont know. …. If you can give your email id I can scan and send the copy of Forged will to you. I BADLY NEED YOUR HELP. Thanking you, my Id is and I am on facebook also. Madhusudhana Tadinada.Dt.5th Feb,2014.

  8. Sunil Tulsidas Tank says:

    I want to get information from SEEPZ Auth of Mumbai andheri east , where recently its administrative office was renovated like plastering of outer wall, colouring of outer wall, I have doubt that the plaster was not done on full wall but some places only and they coloured full wall without removing old plaster from some places, i have video of alternate day work, how can we get information about, type of contract given (like renovation of full building by removing old plaster etc) reate per s/f for plastering/colouring etc, date of start and finish of work and payment made to contractor, can we have option to get it checked from legal architect who can justify that they have not removed the plaster at some places but might have billed for that.

  9. apmisra says:

    I had questioned about the land value of a plot from Housing Board in RTI,.which was allotted to a lady.As per the reply of PIO it was allotted at the then prevailing per market rate of Rs.100/- sq.yard. Later on i.e. after few months I got a copy of the registration documents of that plot and as per the value was Rs.400/- per sq.yard. The PIO had given wrong information to me. What can be done in this case of wrong/ false reply

  10. Byragoni Sg says:

    If any PIO transfer the application under section 6(3) of RTI Act 2005 to other PIO, but aapallent did not receive any information even after 30 days of application, if the matter is taken to 1 st appellant authority can he say that my PIO is transfer the application and the matter is close even the information is not passed to applicant?

  11. Ravi Sharma says:

    DOES any body will give the information regarding role of rti for strengthening education sector in india

  12. pooja says:

    want to know complete procedure to file a RTI application

    • jay datt bhatt says:

      mam,for filing RTI application first see the format of thr rti application through google or,bare act of rti,
      then purchase a indian postal order of rs. 10,fill it as per the departments account officer-favouring
      read the definition of information as given under act,and post it to deptt. keeping copy of application.,ipo counterfoil with you,have a receipt of dak for further use .in case any difficulty call on 9818436805

  13. aravind says:

    I am K M Aravind Kumar, from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I purchased a
    pre owned flat in my city few days back. After registration of flat on
    my name i applied to Mutation(Name change of Property at
    Municipality,GHMC)document with suitable documents and fee. Till now i
    have not received any such mutation doc. And when i enquired abt this at
    GHMC, they are saying that the concerned fill is missed from office.

    Now i would like to approach through RTI, in this regard help me how can i frame the question in order to get my mutation document.

  14. Mukesh Mishra says:

    Sir, Mujhe ye baat pata kerni thi.. SSC also conduct competitive exams..and its take fee as 100 rs only… or banks 500-600 rs kyu lete hai examinations ke… dono to same process follow kerte hai.. den y…kya mai RTI file ker sakta hu iske liye..???

  15. Gaurav Shukla says:

    Thank you avinash bhai…….. AAPke liye dil se respect 🙂 aapke jaise hi logon ke kaaran ye desh aaj tak mahaan hai

  16. Narendra singh says:

    can I be contacted over narendra.kameria@gmail.com regards

  17. Ritesh Gogade says:

    Please reply whether my RTI plea is correct or wrong?????

  18. Vishal Passi says:

    Dear sir,

    How can i use RTI against Private company where an employee did Six years Working continually after that they use without information transfer in different city and pressure for resignation.

  19. Quizmaniac Tito says:


  20. Abhaya says:

    How can I contact you?

  21. Narendra singh says:

    Is it crime to sEek information under RTI ACT

  22. ravinder says:

    Yes I want to know the procedure

  23. ravinder says:

    I also want to be in your team if I send one application for RTI can you suggest me what is right and what we should write

  24. anant pandey says:

    sir how to meet you my friend was denied for opening account in bank although he had all documents except name in ration card and as per rule ration cannot be used as proof

  25. pprani says:

    Hello Sir ,

    Can we file RTI on Private companies making work its employees for more hours than the actual office hours and doesn`t give any proper training to freshers from college .?
    How can we file complaint against fake doctors selling illegal medicines prepared by themselves at exorbitant rates and no price tag on medicines?

  26. Hemant Kumar says:


  27. N S Dangawas says:

    Can an department order Inquiry after receipt of RTI Application , where as applicant asked fro such and same information on RTI Application. If it is so then it will discourage to expose corruption. kindly let me know. Matter related to corruptions by senior officer

  28. ganesh says:

    i want the information about the fund distrubuted by MLA ..in last 4 years..type of work and amout..so where n how should i apply aplication for this..only for one


  29. harmesh says:

    can i file an RTI application to get the application form of the candidates appeared in the particular examination ?

    is it relates to third party or not? if yes why?

  30. Savinaya Kumar says:

    I have filed 15 applications under RTI related to Deemed to be universities. UGC replied in positive way but Deemed to be universities are least bothered to communicate also.Sad part of education system.

  31. Mitesh Gangar says:

    The informationyou are asking is exempted under RTI Act, 2005… But it still can be disclose, if you state/prove that information is related to larger public interest and disclosure of such information will help the public at larger

  32. Mitesh Gangar says:

    Generally State Information Commision ko 15-18 mahine lagte hai second appeal ke hearing aur order k liye… Aap apne 2 nd appeal ka status Rajya Suchna Ayog se janiye.. k aur kitna samay lagega..

  33. Shitanshu Shekhar Tripathi says:

    dear sir ,does any individual ask queries about the salary,increment,appointment details of any employee of private institution like medical or engg colleges which runs purely through the fees of students? waiting for the reply

  34. ANIL RAI says:

    mai apne mitra brijesh rai k sath milkr 1 july se9 july k bich azamgarh DM se Basic sikcha vibhag azm. k smbandh m 6 application k madham se suchana mangi, 30 din bitne k bad DM Azm.k yaha 1st appeal ki phir 30 din k bad rajy chuna aayog m 2nd appeal ki. lagbhag 100 ke baad rajy suchna se koi responce nahi mila, Kripya aap m se koi sajjan aage ka marg darshan karne ka kasth kare, kripa hogi.ANIL RAI, AZAMGARH


    Pls share me the Profile of RTI activist in Purvanchal so that i could be able to work as an RTI activist. As currently i am working as a Social Activist.

  36. NARAYAN DAS says:


  37. sravya says:

    can i file an RTI application to know whether a person in infected with HIV ?

  38. Ram says:

    Atrocities in Maharashtra and other states are increasing, every individual is attached to either of the political leadership hence it is difficult to register cases against them.

  39. ashutosh says:

    Hi All, Could some one please send me the list of RTI activists in Uttar Pradesh.

  40. haresh says:

    witch department for sub ragistrar borivali-1 & 2 for rti

  41. Yogesh Murkut says:

    hello resp all , this medical is from maharashtra jalgaon district chalisgaon. i think that will never run again , because due to my criminal action , this college permission is withdrawn by goverment since 3 year. that was most worst thing in my life when i was student at this college…..

    Dr. Yogesh Murkut

  42. Arsh113 says:

    This is for any crime or what

  43. Chettan says:


    Request to take in light a Anti Social Elementry Gate
    Regarding: Ch Devi Lal Mini Stadium, Gohana-131301, District Sonipat, Haryana
    Issue Matter: Gate No 3 of Mini Stadium, Adarsh Nagar, North Direction of Stadium

    Respected Sir,
    I am a resident of Adarsh Nagar,Gohana-131301.
    This newly Gate is opened by Unknown naughty people,
    is creating problem to Society Of Adarsh Nagar.
    This is Anti Social generating element because of:
    1.Stadium has become drunker place as beer bar for whole night from this Gate.
    2.Stadium has become a gambling place for students of Govt. school and other schools.
    3.Students spent many hours here after their leave from school.
    4.Quarrels happening before this door in groups.
    5.Drunker and Naughty peoples visited it till late night & makes high noise.
    6. Plant and greenery is also affected of stadium by animals.

    I have complained in CM office but gate is not closed till now.

    A RTI in this respect is also send to S.D.M. Gohana on 17/10/2013 by Speed Post. But no reply of it received till now, but he send a letter that fees is not send and asking for, Was any complained in this matter to Police or anyone on 31/10/2013. Fees is also enclosed in this matter by IPO on 17/10/2013 and reply of it was also made same day on 31/10/2013 with photo copy of Indian Postal Order.
    RTI reply was made on 25/11/2013 by hand in his office to me dated 14/11/2013.

    Answers in RTI reply are incomplete and non satisfactory.
    My RTI was not accepted in SDM office on 17/10/2013 by hand.

    Now,I wanna to make First appeal.
    Please suggest me to whom make the first appeal.
    and how much time is to file the First appeal?
    How should be drafted it?

    I hope you will help me.


  44. Jafar says:

    I have filed application under RTI to Taluk Office they have not replaying, So I request 1st Appeal to Assistant Commissioner, AC noticed to Thaslidar . Thaslidar office give the incomplete information after AC’s notice and date are wrong entered. Plz provide suggestion.

  45. sunny verma says:

    Would like to know how and what is the procedure to validate mark sheet of university?

  46. Anil Jhamb says:

    I have filed 7 applications under RTI during the last 8 months. In five cases decisions by FAA has come in my favour. Two are pending with FAA. Two cases have been filed with SIC. Three are likey to be filed before 31.12.2013. I am dealing in respect of status of implementation of variousLabour Laws. How to get myself registered with your organisation.

  47. Vikram Singh says:

    Sir, Plz share full story including copy of Judgement given by Courts. Plz sir…..

  48. Dillip Kumar Das says:

    There are number of RTI Activists in Odisha doing excellent work . Try to enlist them

    • rti_india says:

      We are open for registration for all people. Please spread this information to people around whom you think should be aware about it.

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