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Queries cannot be changed at the appeal stage

The Central Information Commission while deciding the appeal held that an applicant cannot change the queries of his RTI application at the appeals stage.

In case the Appellant is interested in getting more information, he is at liberty to file a fresh RTI application to seek the same.  Read more ›

Rejected proposal under subsidy scheme not to be disclosed

rejected-bak-proposal-rtiThe CPIO need not provide information regarding those proposals that were received, but were rejected and no disbursal was made.- CIC

He (the Appellant) has sought information regarding the financing proposals under the subsidy scheme, received by the bank from the District Rural Development Agency, Balasore.

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Opinion given by the Legal Officers / Branch of the public authority cannot be hidden under RTI

Opinion given by the Legal Officers

Opinion given by the Legal Officers

An opinion given by the panel advocate of a public authority can be denied under Section 8 (1) (e) of the RTI Act in view of the fiduciary relationship involved.  However, the same is not the case with the opinion given by the Legal Officers / Branch of the public authority.

The public authority claimed that the opinion given by the Delhi Legal Branch was not provided as it is an internal document of the bank.

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Copy of the leave application is a personal information

Copy of leave application

Copy of leave application

On one hand you can obtain the details of dates and nature of leave taken by the Government servants during his tenure but copy of the leave application and sanction memos would affect the privacy of the concerned individual and therefore exempt under clause Section 8 (1) (j) of the RTI Act. Do read our wiki article about ‘What is Privacy under RTI‘. You can also join us on our Right to Privacy Portal here

Central Information commission recorded in the case where RTI applicant sought information on three points regarding the leave record, leave applications and leave sanction memos in respect of a Branch Manager of the bank. In this context, CIC noted that “records such as leave applications and sanction memos could contain information regarding the concerned Branch Manager, which is of a personal nature. Information regarding the dates and nature of leave has already been provided to the Appellant.Read more ›

Can PIO write to CIC for guidance?


Looking into one of the CIC decision posted on 26.05.2014, it appears that PIO had written to the Central Information Commission, seeking guidance on how to handle the RTI application.

The information Officer stated that the information sought by the Applicant ran into hundreds of pages. Therefore, they had written to the Central Information Commission, seeking guidance

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