Info Commission's notice to govt. on lapses over Cauvery row

* Dharwad activists ask why action was not taken against Advocate General for absence.

* Who were the advocates ?

* What were their perks ?

Mysore, June 22 (TRR)- Karnataka Information Commission has served a notice to Karnataka State Government in regard to failure to provide information under the Right To Information (RTI) Act.

This follows the failure of the Government to provide information regarding list of lawyers, who have argued for the State since the constitution of Cauvery Tribunal, their remuneration, expenses incurred by the Government, judgement received and other supplementary information under the RTI Act.

Krishna Joshi of Dharwad Puraskara Samsthe had submitted an application on Mar. 6 last to the Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka, seeking information on the above mentioned subjects.

Under the RTI Act the Chief Secretary should have replied within 30 days. As no reply was forthcoming even after the deadline, Joshi complained to the Information Commission on April 11.

The application had sought the following details:

lDetails of lawyers, who represented Karnataka before the Cauvery Tribunal and their remuneration.

lDid the Advocate General absent himself from attending five of the seven hearings that were held before and after the interim order in 1991. If he was absent, what action was taken against him ?

lWho is responsible for the delay in filing a Review Petition which was delayed by five months, after the interim order was announced ? What action has been taken against them ?

lHas the Government published in Kannada a summary of Cauvery Tribunal's Judgement delivered on 2.5.2007.

"Will you publish it at least now? Why have you not published it so far ? To settle Cauvery disputes how many delegation have been taken to Delhi since 1991 ? What is the amount spent on this?" he has asked.

The Karnataka Information Commission feels that there are sufficient grounds to act on the complaints of Joshi.

It has served a notice to the Public Relations Officer of the Chief Secretary.

If he does not appear, then the Commission will pass an exparte order and as per RTI Act, fine ranging from Rs. 250 to a maximum of Rs. 25,000 will be levied on the Government.

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