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Thread: Cost of information

  1. Cost of information


    I have to apply for an information through RTI by postal service to an institute .

    The fee for application is Rs 10=00, and the information I need may be 15-20 pages long, I wish to have them in paper/CD form.

    Should I send Rs. 10=00 or estimated cost of paper/CD form?

  2. Re: Cost of information

    In normal circumstances, the CPIO would write to you about the cost to be deposited for the photocopy. It would be good to wait for the reply, as you never know how much they charge you for the photocopy of the papers.

    However, if you know for sure about the charges, sending the requisite photocopy fees beforehand would speed up your reply response time.

  3. Re: Cost of information

    If you are not sure of the number of pages that the information you are seeking will run to, you can add the following in your RTI application itself: " I also undertake to pay any additional fees/charges (if applicable) as prescribed under the RTI Act 2005".

  4. Re: Cost of information

    A sample RTI Application form can be downloaded from here:

  5. Re: Cost of information

    Thank you very much Mr Kushal & Mr Ganpat1956 for your kind responses.

    Can I add the following line in my application-

    "Please inform me at the earliest the applicable charges for processing all documents and sending them to me by speed post so I would deposit it"

    Thanking you,


  6. Re: Cost of information

    The RTI Act does not provide for any postal fees to be collected from the applicants. However I do not find anything wrong if you want to add the sentence that you have framed.

    In case the documents you require run into several pages(more than 50), it is cheaper to ask for the same in a CD.

    Before drafting your application please have a look at the discussions in the following thread also:

    How to write an RTI Application?

    With best wishes,


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